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PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc. Datasheets for Magnifiers

Magnifiers enlarge the appearance of objects when viewed through a lens. These facilitate the inspection of fine details and the assembly of small components.

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Product Name Notes
Mechanical 3D-microscope with display / mechanically moved mirror (360° rotating radius) / both incident and transmitting lights are used / up to a 75-fold magnification / connection to computer via...
The motorised 3D microscope PCE-MVM 3D features a motorised mirror (45° radius), a CCD camera and an LCD display. The motorised 3D microscope is a compact, very solid and easy-to-handle...
The PCE-VM 21 consists of an optical microscope, CCD camera and monitor with LCD display. Due to the 75-fold magnification, it is possible to view very small parts very clearly.