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igus® inc. Datasheets for Lead Screws and ACME Screws

Lead screws and ACME screws are used to drive a nut in linear motion via direct contact between the screw and the nut. Lead screws usually incorporate proprietary screw and nut geometries and materials, and can be configured in zero-backlash arrangements.
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Product Name Notes
Anti-backlash* thread nuts Lead screw nuts with reduced axial clearance. Continuously self-adjusting Self-lubricating and quiet Sleeve and flange series available Material: iglide® J Industries: Packaging, medical, semiconductor industry, laboratory equipment...
dryspin® high helix lead screw made from stainless steel, rolled Resistant and made of 1.4301 material (AISI 304), pitch from 2 to 100 mm dryspin® high helix lead screw made...
Up to 100 mm stroke in a rotation lubricant free and wear resistant For quick adjustments as an alternative to pneumatic or toothed belt. Various diameters from stock Self-lubricating Wear...
Complement of the lubricant-free delivery programs of screw drives small sizes. With spindles made of stainless steel and nuts made of the self-lubricating high-performance plastic iglide® J. Application areas: small...
DryLin® Leadscrew Nuts Made of HTS Linear Modules, Flanged
DryLin® - Trapezoidal Leadscrew Nut - JSRM Material Iglide®{SBA}
DryLin® Leadscrew Nuts Made of HTS Linear Modules, Rectangular
DryLin® Leadscrew Nuts Made of SLW Linear Modules
DryLin® TR lead screw nuts are self-lubricating and injection molded from iglide® J. Numerous fastening options (locking rings, screws, pins) Easy installation Low-cost Also available in a housing block Thread...
Dryspin® - Lead Screw Nut A180 with Flange
Dryspin® - Lead Screw Nut J with Flange
Dryspin® - Lead Screw Nut J350 with Flange
Dryspin® - Lead Screw Nut R with Flange
Dryspin® - Lead Screw Nut, Cylindrical
Fast forward using the quick release mechanism of these lead screw nuts, which combine precision and quick manual adjustment. For fast format adjustments Self-braking design Lubrication-free Housing: AL anodized, iglide®
For spindle adjustments which require especially quiet running and zero play, in addition to zero lubrication, and which have to be cost-effective at the same time, the new DryLin® lead...
Lead screws with right-hand and left-hand threads provide design engineers with additional design freedom and frequently reduce costs because a second lead screw control incl. a second drive is not...
Metric lead screws in the following thread sizes: M3x0,5 M4x0,7 M5x0,8 M6x1
Screw drives with steep thread for quick adjustments of small loads. The zero-backlash system ensures minimal reverse clearance for life. Ideal for precise positioning and feed movements in the medical,...
Self-Lubricating iglide® J Thermoplastic Lead Screw Nuts ACME N. American Standard Dimensions Mount nuts with threaded OD for easy mounting.
The new flanged nut shape makes it possible to use the innovative dryspin® efficiency in confined spaces. The flat design makes it possible to secure the nut via the flange...
The new thread compensation nut, a combination of lead screw unit and spherical bearings, where the thread is directly integrated into the spherical ball, primarily facilitates compensation of fabrication and...
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nut - A180SLM
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nut - J350SL
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nut - RSLM
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nut - RSRM
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nuts - JSML
Trapezoidal Lead Screw Nuts - WSLM
Trapezoidal lead screw sleeve with flange
Trapezoidal Leadscrew Nut - A180SRM
Trapezoidal Leadscrew Nut - J350SRM
Trapezoidal Leadscrew Nut - WSR
With their properties optimized to the plastic nut and lead screw, dryspin® high helix threads offer high efficiency and long service lives. The zero backlash principle with integrated spring pre-load...
10 new standard nuts made from iglide® J Self-lubricating Twice the stroke of conventional trapezoidal lead screw nuts Matching lead screws available from stock
Reduction of radial loads Can be conveniently screw-mounted from above Compensation of tolerances Continuous angle adjustment
Reduction of radial loads Compensation of tolerances Fast feeds Continuous angle adjustment
Self-lubricating iglide® J high performance plastic Installation without additional rework Ideal torque transmission through form fit Typical application areas: Heavy duty applications, applications with fixed stop
Thread: right- or left-hand Available materials: C15 steel / rust-proof steel Length and machining according to customer drawing
Thread: right- or left-hand Material: Aluminum, coated Length and machining according to customer drawing The tensile/compressive strength of the lead screw material EN AW6060 is 160 MPa per mm² (elongation...