igus® inc. Datasheets for Multi-axis Positioning Systems

Multi-axis positioning systems make use of linear, rotary and goniometric stages, slides and drives in various combinations to create standard and custom positioning systems.

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Product Name Notes
DryLin® HTS/HTS-PL XY Table Special Features High precision, extreme stiffening and precise alignment through CNC production Available as standard and pre-load version 100% self-lubricant and completely corrosion-free Adjustments by trapezoidal thread TR 10x2 Mounting...
SLW Cross Slide -- SLW-XY-0630
SLW Cross Slide -- SLW-XY-1040 / SLW-XY-1040-PL
SLW Cross Slide -- SLW-XY-1080 / SLW-XY-1080-PL
Special Properties: Low cost cross slide solution for manual adjustments Self-lubricating and corrosion resistant Maximum stroke length in XY tables 300 mm (installation sizes 1040/1080) Maximum stroke length in XY...
DryLin® Stainless Steel X-Y Table -- SLW For manual adjustments Flat and compact High torsional stability (stiffening) All construction materials: VA and V4A stainless steel 100 % self-lubricating Resistant to chemicals and corrosion Available accessories