, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Tapes

Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications.
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Product Name Notes
Gardner Bender Liquid Electrical Tape -- GB-LTB-400 Gardner Bender Liquid Electrical Tape The "Brush On" Solution for Insulating Your Wires and Cables What's special about this electrical tape? Liquid compound conforms to awkward shapes and forms a...
Pro Splice Vinyl Tape - PPP-T-66E -- PTS-PROSPLICE-136
Pro Splice Vinyl Tape - PPP-T-66E -- PTS-PROSPLICE-236
Pro Splice Vinyl Tape - PPP-T-66E
Electrical TapeElectrical Tapes -- ETAPE075-60
Electrical TapeElectrical Tapes -- ETAPE075-60-BK
What makes the electrical tape so special? 7 mil thickness is perfect for electrical insulation and splicing Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is resistant to fire and weather Pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive...
Cable Path Tape -- CBLP-430
Cable Path Tape -- CBLP-430-CASE
Cable Path Tape -- CBLP-630
Cable Path Tape -- CBLP-630-CASE
What's special about cable path? Adhesive strips only along the outer edges, leaving a clean, non-sticky center channel to route cables through Cured rubber adhesive grips smooth surfaces for extended...
DYMO® RHINO M1011 Metal Tape Embosser -- DY-310-00
DYMO® RHINO M1011 Metal Tape Embosser -- DY-325-00
DYMO® RHINO M1011 Metal Tape Embosser -- DY-358-00
DYMO® RHINO M1011 Metal Tape Embosser -- DY-M1011-05
What's special about this embosser? Made of cast-aluminum for tough jobs and conditions (weather, temperature & corrosion) Imprints 1/2" (12mm) wide metal labels which are great for outdoor applications Built...
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x15-12CS-GL
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x15-12CS-SS
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x15-GL
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x15-SS
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x60-6CS-BK
Pro 15 Anti-Skid Tape -- PTS-PRO-15-GRIT-2x60-BK
What's special about this floor tape? Engineered with a heavy acrylic adhesive that strengthens with time and heat for superior bond Pro 15 complies with OSHA guidelines requiring non-slip protection...
E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-98100
E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-98250
E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-99200
E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-99220
What's special about this gypsum drywall board tape? Designed with an aggressive adhesive that creates a superior bond with gypsum board after wetting Center creased for easy corner application, which...
Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-160
Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-260-BK
Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-360-BK
Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-460-BK
What's special about this permacel gaffer's tape? Matte Finish: 12 mil vinyl-coated cloth tape does not promote light reflection Synthetic rubber adhesive holds fast but won't leave residue behind Perfect...
X-Treme® Tape -- VP-TPE-XR10B
X-Treme® Tape -- VP-TPE-XR1510B
What's special about this self-fusing tape? Self-bonding, adhesive-free, low cost insulating tape will save you with in-field operations and post installation maintenance Tensile strength of 600 PSI and highly flexible...
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-R2010036
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-R2020036
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-T2010036
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-T2020036
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-T4010036
TURBO® Tape - Silicone Rubber Tape -- TT-T4020036
What's special about this silicone rubber tape? Silicone and rubber compound bonds to itself to create an electrically insulating, watertight wrap Begins setting in only minutes; cures to a void-free,...
Tunnel Tape -- CC-TUNNELTAPE-3-BK
Tunnel Tape -- CC-TUNNELTAPE-4-BK
Tunnel Tape -- CC-TUNNELTAPE-6-BK
What's special about this tape? No adhesive residue left on cables or cords requiring cleanup Tunnel tape is designed for use on the floor Tape can be repositioned several times...
Thermo-Shield Tape -- TS-14000
Thermo-Shield Tape -- TS-14002
What's special about this thermo-shield tape? Fiberglass-aluminum composite material reflects up to 90% of radiant heat Prevents rubber or plastic hoses and wiring components from melting, drying out, or cracking...