, Inc. Datasheets for Fuses

Fuses protect electrical devices and components from overcurrents and short circuits that occur in improperly operating circuits.
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Product Name Notes
Bussmann -- CB-J60060-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60060-2CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60060-3CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60100-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60100-3CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60200-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60400-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-J60600-1CR
What's special about these fuse holders? Designed for use with the Low Peak fuses for perfect compatibility and security Easy access fuse holders mean you can replace any damaged or...
Bussmann -- CB-KLU-1200
Bussmann -- CB-KLU-3000
Bussmann -- CB-KLU-800
What's special about these fuses? 200,000A interrupting rating provides high ratings at all circuit locations, which means high protection throughout the electrical chain Current-limitating feature gives your electrical components short-circuit...
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-100
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-1200
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-125
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-150
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-200
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-300
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-400
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-60
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-600
Bussmann -- CB-JJN-800
What's special about these fuses? Compact size allows for installation in panel boards and control centers . Excellent choice for system upgrading when current circuit breakers are not able to...
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-10
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-100
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-125
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-15
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-150
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-175
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-20
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-200
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-25
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-250
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-3
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-30
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-300
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-35
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-40
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-400
Bussmann -- CB-FRS-R-70
What's special about these fuses? Provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection so that your devices are protected from potentially irreparable damage Sturdy units will hold an overload up...
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-1
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-1-1/2
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-1/2
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-10
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-12
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-15
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-2
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-2-1/2
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-20
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-25
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-3
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-30
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-4
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-5
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-6
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-7
Bussmann -- CB-LP-CC-8
What's special about these fuses? These are 600 VAC, 0 - 30 amp, time-delay, Class CC fuses An excellent general purpose, compact branch circuit fuse that meets or exceeds most...