, Inc. Datasheets for Network Media Converters

Network media converters change the signal of encoded data from one media type to another as it is transmitted through, or between, networks.
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Product Name Notes
Signamax 16 -- SX-065-1185
Signamax 16 -- SX-065-1185DC
Signamax 16 -- SX-1185-FAN
Signamax 16 -- SX-AC-1185
What's special about the Signamax Media Converter Chassis? High port density in a minimum amount of rack space (2U) Accommodates 16 Signamax SX-065-11XX media converters Dual redundant load sharing power...
Fast Ethernet Media Converters -- IT-MC-100-MM
Fast Ethernet Media Converters -- IT-MC-120-SM-SC
What's special about these ethernet media converters? Available for SC Single-mode; SC and ST Multi-mode Device DIP switches allow multiple configuration options Automatic MDI/MDI-X selection on RJ-45 port Auto Negotiation,...
Black Box Fiber Drivers -- BB-MD940A-F
Black Box Fiber Drivers -- BB-MD940A-M
What's special about these fiber optic drivers? High-performance drivers enable you to send RS-232 data across interference-free optical links Sends RS-232 data, at up to 76.8 kbps, from serial devices...
Modules -- SX-CWD-MA
Modules -- SX-CWD-MB
Modules -- SX-EWD-MA
Modules -- SX-EWD-MB
What's special about these small form factor pluggable fiber modules? Ultra fast single-mode SFP fiber modules suitable for high-speed gigabit networking or OC-12 transmission Hot pluggable for easy and safe...
Modules -- SX-065-79EZXMG
Modules -- SX-065-79LXEDMG
Modules -- SX-065-79LXMG
Modules -- SX-065-79SXEDMG
Modules -- SX-065-79SXMG
Modules -- SX-065-79XDMG
Modules -- SX-065-79ZXMG
What’s special about these small form-factor pluggable fiber modules? Highly comprehensive line of SFP gigabyte modules specifically engineered to proved ultra-fast data transmission over distances of up to 110km (distance...