, Inc. Datasheets for Fuse Holders

Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses. Blown fuses can be changed quickly and easily when used in conjunction with a fuse holder.
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Product Name Notes
Bussmann -- CB-R60030-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60030-2CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60030-3CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60100-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60100-2CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60100-3CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60200-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60400-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60600-1CR
Bussmann -- CB-R60600-3CR
What's special about these fuse blocks? Designed for a perfect fit with the Cooper Bussmann FRS-R and the LPS-RK fuses Available in 1, 2, or 3 pole versions so that...