, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Adhesives

Industrial adhesives consist of hot melt adhesives, epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, sealants, thermoset adhesives, UV curing adhesives, silicon adhesives, acrylic adhesives and other related industrial products.
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Product Name Notes
Adhesive -- SBV-A0625KT
Adhesive -- SBV-A075KT
Adhesive -- SBV-A100KT
Adhesive -- SBV-A150KT
Adhesive -- SBV-A200KT
Adhesive -- SBV-A600KT
Adhesive -- SBV-AH0625
Adhesive -- SBV-AH075
Adhesive -- SBV-AH100
Adhesive -- SBV-AH150
Adhesive -- SBV-AH200
Adhesive -- SBV-AH600
Adhesive -- SBV-AL0625
Adhesive -- SBV-AL075
Adhesive -- SBV-AL100
Adhesive -- SBV-AL150
Adhesive -- SBV-AL200
Adhesive -- SBV-AL400
Adhesive -- SBV-AL600
What's special about this acrylic-based adhesive? Conveniently hang/mount items or fasten objects together without the damage of nails, tacks, or staples Superior, heat-resistant bonding for automotive, computer, and medical environments...