Watts Datasheets for Air Valves

Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices.
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Product Name Notes
Reducing Stop Valve Available in 1/2 in. CTS x, 1/4 in. Tube (OD), polysulfone. See models/UPC codes below for part numbers & descriptions.
Safety Relief Valve for Air, Gas, and Vapors, ASME Section VIII -- Figure 41A Series Figure 41A Safety Relief Valves for Air, Gas, and Vapors are ASME section VIII valves used for compressors, intercoolers, aftercoolers and receivers, air makeup units, gas burners, pneumatic conveying/elevating...
Field Testable Hose Connection Backflow Preventer -- LFN9-CD Series LFN9-CD is designed to prevent high hazard backsiphonage backflow and low-head backpressure (10ft. or less) from contaminating the potable water supply. The LFN9-CD is ideally suited to prevent backflow...
Lead Free* Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers, Copper Silicon Alloy -- LF8 The LF8 Series Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers permit the attachment of portable hoses to hose thread faucets and prevent the reverse flow of polluted water into the potable water supply...
1/4 in. Jaco® Fittings - Black -- S3000B
1/4 in. Jaco® Fittings - White -- S3000W
1/4 in. John Guest® Fittings - Black -- S2000HCB
1/4 in. John Guest® Fittings - Black -- S3000HCB
1/4 in. John Guest® Fittings - White -- S3000HCW
The original dual diaphragm design, with lifetime warranty.