InspectorTools Datasheets for Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes translate an electronic signal into a pattern or waveform on a screen. As it is traced across the screen, the waveform creates a signature of the signal's characteristics.
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Product Name Notes
5MHz Dual Channel Multiscope -- EX381295A Oscilloscope and Autoranging True RMS Digital MultiMeter Easy to Use Menu Driven Operation Internal or External Triggering Auto or Manual Setup for Horizontal and Vertical Scaling Single Shot Mode Window...
123/003 Industrial ScopeMeter 20MHz -- FL2063915
123/003S Industrial ScopeMeter 20MHz w/SCC120 Kit -- FL2063926
124/003 Industrial ScopeMeter (40 MHz) -- FL2064060
124/003S Industrial ScopeMeter (40 MHz) w/SCC 120 Kit -- FL2064072
125/003 Industrial ScopeMeter (40 MHz) -- FL2838895
125/003S Industrial ScopeMeter (40 MHz) w/SCC 120 Kit -- FL2838986
Standard Equipment Includes: AC120 Alligator clips BB120 Shielded BNC adapter Getting started booklet HC120 Hook Clips PM 8907 Battery Charger/Line Voltage Adapter STL120 Shielded Test Lead Set BP 120 MH...