Sharpe Valves Datasheets for Gas Valves

Gas valves are used to handle and control the flow of gaseous media such as liquefied petroleum and natural gas. They are made of metal or plastic and vary in terms of valve size, pressure rating, number of ports, and flow.
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Product Name Notes
200 psi, WOG at 350°F, screwed cap, integral seats
3 piece design diverter, bottom entry, live loaded stem 4 Belleville washer
ASTM-A216/A351, locking device, blowout proof stem
ASTM-A315, inside screw and screwed bonnet, rising stem
ASTM-A351, 200 psi WOG at 350°F, inside screw and screwed bonnet
Blowout proof stem, actuator mounting pad, locking device
Blowout proof stem, locking device handles, oval handles available
Blowout proof stem, locking device, oval handle optional
Blowout proof stem, locking device, threaded socket weld and butt weld
Class 150, blow out proof stem, locking device
Class 800, ASTM A105, bolted bonnet, threaded or socket weld
Class 800, ASTM A182/F316L, 316L body/bonnet, threaded or socket weld
Fire safe API 607 4th edition, blow out proof stem, anti-static device
Fire safe, class 150/300/600, anti-static device, blow out proof stem
Fire safe, live loaded high cycle stem, integral mounting pad, traceability
High cycle stem packing, integral mounting pad. 3-A approved
High cycle stem packing, integral mounting pad
In service adjustable stem packing, integral mounting pad, pull port
Integral ISO mounting pads, steam rated, recessed seats, vented ball
Live loaded stem packing, blow out proof stem, available in L or T port
Multiple end connections, lockable handles, L/T port available
Optional ball, stem, and seat material and purge port, floating ball design
Optional ball, stem, seat, and seal materials, floating ball design
Options: self draining, purge ports, polishing, automation
Outside screw/yoke, bolted bonnet, integral seats, flanged ends
Pressure relief hole in ball & stem, visual position indicator
Resistance to erosion, abrasion, corrosion, and high temp
To be welded in line without disassembly, gear operator
Unibody design, blowout proof stem, locking device, 800 WOG
Variety of end connections and purge ports, floating ball design
Weld in line without disassembly, gear operator, consult for bigger sizes

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