Qualitrol Company, LLC Datasheets for Gas Valves

Gas valves are used to handle and control the flow of gaseous media such as liquefied petroleum and natural gas. They are made of metal or plastic and vary in terms of valve size, pressure rating, number of ports, and flow.
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Product Name Notes
Mechanical device for relief of excessive pressure buildup in large volumes of gas or fluid. Patented dual gasket system provides quick response time and automatically reseals after pressure has subsided.
Mechanical over pressure protection device provides pressure relief on transformers during over pressure conditions, automatically resealing once pressure has fallen. Available with a stainless steel pull ring to allow for...
Mechanical over pressure protection device with integrated directional discharge outlet. Provides pressure relief and insulating fluid containment (requires optional piping) on transformers and load tap changers during over pressure conditions.
Medium Pressure Relief Device (MPRD) is designed for over-pressure conditions on oil filled transformers, load tap changers, and other related electrical apparatus. Features Uniquely designed tip/side gasket that seals under...