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Product Name Notes
2 Handle, No tie down Control 2 Handle, No tie down Control
5-Axis Vise Adapter Pin 5-Axis Vise Adpater Pin
Bolt Retainer Bolt Retainer
Toggle Pads Carbide Tipped Toggle Pads provide multiple point contact to compensate for surfaces that are rough or out-of-round. Points will embed themselves in the workpiece, which assures positive gripping. It eliminates...
ZPS Clamping Bracket for Surface Modules Clamping flanges are used to fasten surface mounted clamping modules on the machine table.
5-Axis Vise Adapter Convert the Jergens 5-Axis vise into a QLS grid for precision mounting of any Fixture-Pro modular system part that requires a match with the QLS grid.
Eccentric Liners Eccentric Liners can be used when lesser tolerances are acceptable. Eccentric Liners allow for adjustment of spring pin tension due to part material variations, different tolerance requirements, or force adjustment.
Quick Change Kit
Quick Change Kit - Metric
Everything You Need to Change Fixtures in Less Than One Minute The Jergens Ball Lock Quick ChangeKits speed fixture changeover in all types of manufacturing operations. Each kit includes two...
Cylinders, Threaded, Piston Buttons Hardened steel buttons for use on 60463 thru 60466 cylinders.
Standard Adjustable Spindle Includes two jam nuts.
Flat Cushion Tip Bonded Cap Spindle Includes two jam nuts
Lanyards Jergens lanyards are often used in conjunction with our Kwik-Lok pin offering.
Booster Installation Kits Jergens offers four kits to simplify the installation of your Jergens booster. The kits may be used with any Jergens booster. 62203—This kit is recommended for most applications. The kit...
Barbell Style Risers
Flanged Style Risers
Mini Style Risers
Square - Rectangular Risers
Jergens Workholding Solutions presents a truly modular approach to 5-Axis machining. Fixture-Pro® 5-Axis Risers raise,position and locate the part off the machine or rotary table so the part is accessible...
5-Axis Machinable Blanks Jergens Workholding Solutions presents a truly modular approach to 5-Axis machining. Machineable blanks provide the flexibility to further customize your application
5-Axis Pull Studs Pull Studs - adapt any machinable part or fixture directly to the part. Use with our quick change Drop & Lock™ Pallet Changer.
NEW K2 Installation Clamping Module
NEW K2 Pull Stud
The compact size of the Jergens Mini ZPS Module is perfect for applications where space is limited and accuracy and speed of changeover time is required.
NEW Machineable Pallet Blank with Pull Studs
NEW Pallet Pull Stud
The Jergens 4-Pin Pallet is a quick and easy way to change fixtures or workpieces. The fixture or workpiece is outfitted with 4 pull studs that fit into the pallet...
Die Set-Up Kits These Die Set-Up Kits can be used with any of the Jergens heavy duty straps; however, the kits are best suited for use with forged strap clamps.
Hold Down Clips Two or more Hoist Ring Hold Down Clips should be used to prevent ring movement when the hoist ring is not in use. These simple spring steel clips prevent ring...
Stainless Steel Adjustable Clamp Rests Material: 303 Stainless Available in FixturePro Design Software
Drift Handles Material: AISI-S7 Finish: Black Oxide Heat Treat: Rc 44-48 Available in FixturePro™ Design Software
Guide Blocks Clamp Assemblies Material: C-1018 Finish: Black Oxide Heat Treat: Case Hardened 74-77 R30N Mounting Screws Supplied with Heel. Available in FixtureProTM Design Software
Cylinders, Threaded, Block Mountings
Cylinders, Threaded, Flange Mountings
Material: C1018 Finish: Black Oxide
Tooling Ball Cover Mounts directly to the fixture with two number 10 (M4) Screws. Fits most tooling balls up to 3/4"
Maintenance Kits Special tools required: use 62148 tool for 60556, use 62149 tool for 60597 or 60598. Cylinder Kit Mechanical Kit Kit for cylinder with 3/8" piston Kit for cylinder with 1/2"...
Revolving Clamp Base Stop pin supplied with each base. Available in FixtureProTM Design Software and PartSpec CD
ZPS Engagement Screws Strength class 10.9 For installation and surface mounted clamping modules