Jergens, Inc. Datasheets for Shoulder Screws

Shoulder screws, also called stripper bolts, are a type of machine screw with integral threads that are only present on half or less of the screw shank. A shoulder screw has a partially smooth shaft that will allow the bolted material some rotation and movement around the screw axis, while the threaded end will typically have a nut to maintain the screw's position.

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Product Name Notes
5-Axis Quick Locating System (QLS) Shoulder Screws 5-Axis Quick Locating System (QLS) Shoulder Screws
Kwik Strip® Stripper Bolts Size selections should be based upon thread size. For example, if your application calls for a 1/2" stripper bolt (with a 3/8" thread) use a 5/8" Kwik-Strip bolt (with a...