Kuriyama of America, Inc. Datasheets for Hose Fittings

Hose fittings are a category of components used to connect hoses and tubes for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations.
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Product Name Notes
1/4 JIC 90º Long Drop
1/4 Pressure Washer Fitting
1/4" BSP Female
1/4" BSP Male
1/4" Metric DIN
3/8" BSP Female
3/8" BSP Male
45º BSP 3/16" with O-Ring
45º BSP Female
45º JIC Female
45º Metric O-Ring Female 24 DKOL
45º Metric O-Ring Female 24 DKOS
45º ORFS Female
5/16 Pressure Washer Fitting
90º BSP Compact Female Elbow 60º Cone
90º BSP Female 60º Cone Crimpnut 1/4"
90º BSP Female Swivel
90º BSP Female
90º BSP O-Ring Female Swivel 60º Cone Solid One-Piece
90º Compact NPTF Male Swivel
90º JIC Female Swivel Long
90º JIC Female Swivel Medium
90º JIC Female Swivel Short
90º JIC Female
90º Long Drop JIC
90º Medium Drop Female JIC
90º Medium Drop JIC
90º Metric O-Ring Female 24 DKOL
90º Metric O-Ring Female 24º DKOS
90º ORFS Female Swivel Long
90º ORFS Female Swivel Short
90º ORFS Female
Applications Agriculture Chemicals/Petroleum Construction Material Handling Aluminum alloy, specially designed for high tensile strength, lightness and rigidity. These couplers are supplied with locking feature ... safety clips may be inserted...
Bite Type Tube Fitting Flareless
BSP Banjo 1/4" ID x 1/4" TH
BSP Banjo 1/4" ID x 1/8" TH
BSP Banjo 3/8" ID x 1/2" TH
BSP Banjo 3/8" ID x 3/8" TH
BSP Banjo
BSP Compact Elbow 3/8"
BSP Female 1/4"
BSP Female 3/16=Hose 1/8=BSP
BSP Female 3/8"
BSP Female 45º 1/4"
BSP Female 60º CONE
BSP Female 90º
BSP Female Flat Seat
BSP Female
BSP Male 3/8"
BSP Male Tapered
BSP Male
BSP Solid Male 60º Seat 1/4"
BSP Solid Male 60º Seat 3/8"
BSP Solid Male 60º Seat
BSP Solid Male Parallel 60º Seat
Compact 90º BSP Female 1/4"
F 90º BSP 3/8"
F 90º BSP
F.90º ORFS 11/16 - 16TR.5/16"H=34
F.90º ORFS 13/16"-16TR.1/4"H=41
F45º BSP O-Ring 3/8" TR.5/16"
F90º JIC 7/16"-20 TERM.1/8"H=46
F90º JIC 9/16 - 18 TR.5/16"H=54
F90º ORFS 11/16 - 16TR.5/16"H=23
Female Grease Tap
Hose Mender 1/4"
Hose Mender Insert
JIC Female 37º Seat
JIC Female Swivel 3/16" ID
JIC Female Swivel 37º 1/4"
JIC Female Swivel 37º 3/8"
JIC Female Swivel 5/16" ID
JIC Female Swivel
JIC Female
JIC Male
JIC Solid Male 37º 1/4"
JIC Solid Male 37º 3/8"
JIC Swivel 1/4"
JIC Swivel 3/8"
JIS Female Swivel 60º Seat 1/4"
JIS Female Swivel 60º Seat 1/4
KOMATSU Female 1/4"
Kuriyama Hydraulic Connections
Male NPTF Swivel
Male O-Ring Boss Swivel
Male ORB Swivel Compact 90º
MASCHIO BSPP 1/8" TR.3/16"
MASCHIO SAE 7/16 - 20 TR 1/4"
Metric Banjo
Metric Female French
Metric Male DIN 24
Metric Male French Type (GAZ)
Metric O-Ring Female 24 DKOL
Metric O-Ring Female 24 DKOS
Metric O-Ring Female 24º DKOL
Metric O-Ring Female 24º DKOS
Metric Stand Pipe 1/4"
Metric Stand Pipe 3/16"
Metric Stand Pipe 45º
Metric Stand Pipe 90º
Metric Stand Pipe Straight
Metric Stand Pipe
NPSM Female Swivel Insert
NPTF Male Swivel 60º Seat
NPTF Male Swivel
NPTF Solid Female Rigid Insert
NPTF Solid Male 60º 3/8"
NPTF Solid Male 60º Seat 1/4"
ORFS Female
ORFS Solid Male Insert
QM MULTI-COUPLING DN 10 to 19 3/8" to 3/4" WP 250 bar 3625 PSI ARGUS multi-couplings, which consist of a fixed and a mobile part, are developed following the specific...
SAE Boss Male
SAE Female 45º Seat
Schedule 40 TOE (threaded one end) pipe nipple with with NPT threads. Other threads and schedules available.
Temperature Rating -40°F (-40°C) to 250°F (+121°C)
Two-Piece Fittings, Standard Inserts, US End Configurations - SAE Female 45º Seat - Double Hex - A Series

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