Xylem Applied Water Systems Datasheets for Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps use a diaphragm that moves back and forth to transport liquids from one place to another.
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Product Name Notes
2830 Water Booster System -- 02830-000 2830 Series Water Booster System Provides constant pressure water supply to Carbonators, Ice Makers, Non-carbonated drink dispensing valves, Coffee/tea brewers, FCB/frozen drink machines, Moist-heat food holding cabinets. Model No.: 2830...
AC Variable Speed Drive Series Pump -- 04524-043A
AC Variable Speed Drive Series Pump -- 04524-500A
AC Variable Speed Drive Series Pump -- D4635H8011A
AC Variable Speed Drive Series Pump -- D4835H8011A
Duplex II AC Variable Speed Drive Pump Series Model No.: Duplex II Models Maintains steady fluid pressure in response to variable flow demand No pressure switch Conserves energy, low amp...
G57 Series -- G573000
G57 Series -- G573145
G57 Series -- G573175
G57 Series -- G573185
G57 Series -- G573205
G57 Series -- G57320G
G57 Series -- G573215
G57 Series -- G573225
G57 Series -- G575005
G57 Series -- G575145
G57 Series -- G575175
G57 Series -- G575185
G57 Series -- G575205
G57 Series -- G575215
G57 Series -- G575225
G57 Series -- G57C002
G57 Series -- G57C152
G57 Series -- G57C172
G57 Series -- G57C182
G57 Series -- G57C202
G57 Series -- G57C203
G57 Series -- G57C212
G57 Series -- G57C213
G57 Series -- G57C222
G57 Series -- G57C223
G57 Series -- G57C412
G57 Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Automotive Cleaning and Recycling;Chemical Transfer and dispensing;Bag-In-Box chemicalsParts Washers ;Car Wash Systems; Model No.: G57 Series Capable of Air or CO2 drive pressures up...
N5100 Series -- N5100010A
N5100 Series -- N5100020A
N5100 Series -- N5100040A
N5100 Series -- N5100050A
N5100 Industrial Air Driven Pump FLOJET Industrial N5100 Series Pumps are designed for light general commercial and industrial applications. These pumps are constructed from a selection of materials for handling...
Pentaflex Series -- R7300142A
Pentaflex Series -- R7300342
R7300 Series Pentaflex 7.0 GPM High Pressure Pump Flojet Pentaflex® Series 7.0 GPM high Pressure Pumps – the industry's most powerful diaphragm pumps in it’s class and price range. Flow...
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501132
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501136
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501142
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501146
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501332
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501336
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501342
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501346
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501503
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501505
Triplex Compact Series -- 03501506
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01132
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01136
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01142
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01146
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01332
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01336
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01342
Triplex Compact Series -- 03B01346
Triplex Compact Electric Diaphragm Pump Flow rates from 7.6 litres/min (2 US gallons/min) Pressure switch control capable of pressures up to 4.1bar (60psi) Model No.: 0350, 03B0 R350, R3B0 Series...
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521034
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521039
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521044
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521049
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521134
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521139
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521144
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521149
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521234
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521239
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521244
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521249
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521334
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521339
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521344
Triplex Hi-Flow Series -- 03521349
Triplex Hi-Flow Electric Diaphragm Pump Flow rates from 7.6 litres/min (2 US gallons/min) Pressure switch control capable of pressures up to 4.1bar (60psi) Model No.: 03521 & R3521 Series Constructed...
Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer -- 17860-0012
Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer -- 17860-0024
Jabsco Flat Tank Economy Oil Changer – 24V The Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer will extract up to 50 weight of oil at a temperature of 70°F (21°C) through...
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711032
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711042
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711132
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711142
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711232
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711242
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711332
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03711342
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811032
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811042
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811132
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811142
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811232
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811242
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811332
Triplex High Pressure Series -- 03811342
Triplex Hi-Pressure motor driven diaphragm pump Flow rates from 5.3 litres/min (1.4 US gallons/min) Pressure switch control capable of pressures up to 10.5bar (150psi) Model No.: 03711 & 03811 Series...
LF Series -- LF121421
LF Series -- LF122002
LF Series -- LF122005
LF Series -- LF122201
LF Series -- LF122202
LF Series -- LF122421
LF Series -- LF172201
LF Series -- LF182201
LF Series -- LF221421
LF Series -- LF222005
LF Series -- LF222201
LF Series -- LF222202
LF Series -- LF521401
LF Series -- LF521402
LF Series -- RLF122205
LF Series -- RLF222205
Model No.: LF Series Compact Design Measuring 6.4" (162 mm) in Length Fully Automatic Demand Pump Self-priming and Can Operate Dry Without Damage Built-in Thermal Protector Sealed Pressure Switch and...
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G257301A
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G257302A
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G257501A
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G257502A
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G577000A
G57 Series Dual High Flow -- G578000A
Flojet's ultra-efficient, "stand-up-to-anything" G57 pump has become an industry leader. And now Flojet has raised the bar on pump performance even higher with the G57 Two-Pump system. The Two-Pump system...
Duplex II Series -- D1335E7011
Duplex II Series -- D1625E7012
Duplex II Series -- D1625F7011
Duplex II Series -- D1625H7011
Duplex II Series -- D1631F1311
Duplex II Series -- D1631F5011
Duplex II Series -- D1631H1311
Duplex II Series -- D1631H5011
Duplex II Series -- D1635E7011
Duplex II Series -- D1635F7011
Duplex II Series -- D1635F7021
Duplex II Series -- D1735J7011RL
Duplex II Series -- D2121F5011
Duplex II Series -- D2131F1311
Duplex II Series -- D2131F5011
Duplex II Series -- D2132F5011
Duplex II Series -- D2132I5011
Duplex II Series -- D2135F7011
Duplex II Series -- D21X003
Duplex II Series -- D21X005
Duplex II Series -- D21X007
Duplex II Series -- D3131B1311
Duplex II Series -- D3131B5011
Duplex II Series -- D3131E1311
Duplex II Series -- D3131E5011
Duplex II Series -- D3131I1311
Duplex II Series -- D3131V1311
Duplex II Series -- D3131V5011
Duplex II Series -- D3135B7011
Duplex II Series -- D3135E7011
Duplex II Series -- D3631B1311
Duplex II Series -- D3631B5011
Duplex II Series -- D3631V1311
Duplex II Series -- D3631V5011
Duplex II Series -- D3635B7011
Duplex II Series -- D3732B1311RL
Duplex II Series -- D3732B5011RL
Duplex II Series -- D3732H1311RL
Duplex II Series -- D3732H5011RL
Duplex II Series -- D3732V1311RL
Duplex II Series -- D3732V5011RL
Duplex II Series -- D3735B7011RL
Duplex II Series -- D3735H7011RL
Duplex II Series -- D37X006AR
Duplex II Series -- D3835B5011
Duplex II Series -- D3835B7011
Duplex II Series -- D3835E7011
Duplex II Series -- D3835H5011
Duplex II Series -- D3835V5011
Duplex II Series -- D4822H4011
Duplex II Series -- D71X000
Duplex II Series -- D71X001
Self-priming diaphragm pump with 110-240v AC electric motors. Flow rates from 4-8 litres/min (1-2.1 US gallons/min), pressure switch control or with a bypass, or both, capable of pressures up to...