Mile-X Equipment, Inc. Datasheets for Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

Electro-pneumatic transducers convert current or voltage input signals to proportional output pressures. They are used as process control elements in valves, pneumatic relays, and flow regulators for applications such as spray and damper control.
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Product Name Notes
OTC 3491-01 500 psi Transducer No. 3491-01 -- 500 psi transducer. Wt., 4 oz.
OTC 3491-02 5,000 psi Transducer 5,000 psi transducer. Required for ABS and power steering pressure readings. Wt., 4 oz.
OTC 3491-03 10,000 psi Transducer 10,000 psi transducer. (Note: For No. 3492 only.) Wt., 4 oz.