Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc. Datasheets for Gearboxes and Gearheads

Gearboxes and gearheads, also called gear reducers or speed reducers, are power transmission devices that use a gear arrangement in an enclosed housing to transfer energy, increase torque and reduce speed from one device to another. Gearboxes may also be referred to as gear reducers or speed reducers.
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Product Name Notes
GH Series -- GH100
GH Series -- GH100
GH Series -- GH100
GH Series -- GH17
GH Series -- GH17
GH Series -- GH17
GH Series -- GH24
GH Series -- GH24
GH Series -- GH24
GH Series -- GH40
GH Series -- GH40
GH Series -- GH40
GH Series -- GH7
GH Series -- GH7
GH Series -- GH7
The GH is a very compact, highly rigid reducer with low backlash (6 arc-min max.) and high output speed capabilities (250 rpm max.). The GH utilizes internal angular support bearings...
RD-010C -- RD-010C*081
RD-010C -- RD-010C*108
RD-010C -- RD-010C*153
RD-010C -- RD-010C*189
RD-010C -- RD-010C*243
RD-027C -- RD-027C*100
RD-027C -- RD-027C*142
RD-027C -- RD-027C*184
RD-027C -- RD-027C*233
RD-050C -- RD-050C*109
RD-050C -- RD-050C*153
RD-050C -- RD-050C*196
RD-050C -- RD-050C*239
RD-100C -- RD-100C*101
RD-100C -- RD-100C*150
RD-100C -- RD-100C*210
RD-100C -- RD-100C*258
RD-200C -- RD-200C*106
RD-200C -- RD-200C*156
RD-200C -- RD-200C*206
RD-200C -- RD-200C*245
RD-320C -- RD-320C*115
RD-320C -- RD-320C*157
RD-320C -- RD-320C*207
The RD-C provides a large center thru-hole with a main support bearing together in one complete gearhead. The large thru-hole (up to 5.78 inches) can accommodate cables, shafts, lasers, and...
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*031
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*043
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*054
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*079
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*103
RD-020E -- RD-020E*041
RD-020E -- RD-020E*057
RD-020E -- RD-020E*081
RD-020E -- RD-020E*105
RD-020E -- RD-020E*161
RD-040E -- RD-040E*041
RD-040E -- RD-040E*057
RD-040E -- RD-040E*081
RD-040E -- RD-040E*105
RD-040E -- RD-040E*153
RD-080E -- RD-080E*041
RD-080E -- RD-080E*057
RD-080E -- RD-080E*081
RD-080E -- RD-080E*101
RD-080E -- RD-080E*153
RD-160E -- RD-160E*066
RD-160E -- RD-160E*081
RD-160E -- RD-160E*101
RD-160E -- RD-160E*145
RD-160E -- RD-160E*171
RD-320C -- RD-320C*253
RD-320E -- RD-320E*066
RD-320E -- RD-320E*081
RD-320E -- RD-320E*101
RD-320E -- RD-320E*141
RD-320E -- RD-320E*185
The RD-E combines the high performance and extreme precision of the component type RV-E in a complete, easy to use package. By utilizing the patented 2-stage cycloidal technology the RD-E...
RS Series -- RS-320A
RS Series -- RS-900A
The RS Indexer utilizes a cast iron base for a sturdy floor mounting and a right angle motor mounting which provides easy access and a low profile. RS-320A: 345mm, RS-900A:...
RV-C Series -- RV-100C-36.75
RV-C Series -- RV-10C-27
RV-C Series -- RV-200C-34.86
RV-C Series -- RV-27C-36.57
RV-C Series -- RV-320C-35.61
RV-C Series -- RV-50C-32.54
RV1200C Hollow Shaft -- RV1200C-250
RV900C Hollow Shaft -- RV900C-208
RV900C Hollow Shaft -- RV900C-250
RV900C In-Line -- RV900C-208
RV900C In-Line -- RV900C-250
The RV-C Hollow Shaft reducer provides a center thru-hole with a component type configuration for more system design flexibility and greater space saving options. The unit incorporates rolling contact elements...
RV-110E Series -- RV-110E-111
RV-110E Series -- RV-110E-161
RV-110E Series -- RV-110E-175.28
RV-110E Series -- RV-110E-81
RV-160E Series -- RV-160E-101
RV-160E Series -- RV-160E-129
RV-160E Series -- RV-160E-145
RV-160E Series -- RV-160E-171
RV-160E Series -- RV-160E-81
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-105
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-121
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-141
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-161
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-57
RV-20E Series -- RV-20E-81
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-101
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-118.5
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-129
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-141
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-171
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-185
RV-320E Series -- RV-320E-81
RV-40E Series -- RV-40E-105
RV-40E Series -- RV-40E-121
RV-40E Series -- RV-40E-153
RV-40E Series -- RV-40E-57
RV-40E Series -- RV-40E-81
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-101
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-118.5
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-129
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-154.8
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-171
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-192.4
RV-450E Series -- RV-450E-81
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-103
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-31
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-43
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-53.5
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-59
RV-6E Series -- RV-6E-79
RV-80E Series -- RV-80E-101
RV-80E Series -- RV-80E-121
RV-80E Series -- RV-80E-153
RV-80E Series -- RV-80E-57
RV-80E Series -- RV-80E-81
The Standard in-line RV-E reducer provides high-end performance in a very compact and highly rigid component type configuration. The unit incorporates rolling contact elements to provide high efficiency and long...