KOBOLD Instruments, Inc. Datasheets for Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flow meters operate on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which states that a voltage is induced when a conductor moves through a magnetic field.
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Product Name Notes
Product Features Flow Ranges From 0.18-7.8 GPH Through 9-180 GPM Water For Use With a Wide Variety of Conductive Liquids, Acids and Caustics Magneto-Inductive Technology with No Moving Parts Ryton®
Product Features Measuring RangesUp to 10 m/s / 43,333 GPM Hard rubber, Soft rubber or PTFE flow tube liningUp to 10 m/s / 43,333 GPM LCD Rate/Total DisplayUp to 10...
Product Features Stainless Steel or PFA Insertion Probe with Stainless Steel, Hasteloy, Platinum or Tantalum Electrodes Valve Assembly Available for Insertion/Extraction Under Pressure Transmitter with 4-20mA/HART® and Adjustable Setpoint Switch...