Daemar Inc. Datasheets for Machine Keys and Keystock

Machine keys and keystock are demountable machine elements that are used to transmit torque from a shaft to a mounted component, such as a gear or pulley. They are usually made of steel or stainless steel and plated with zinc for wear and oxidation resistance.
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Product Name Notes
DMR ™ gib head keys are used for holding pulleys and gears tightly on the shaft. They are tapered 1/8" per foot to fit snugly on the shaft and are...
All DMR™ steel keystock is available in 12" and 36" lengths with the size clearly marked on each bar. The material is 1018 carbon steel and is available with either...
DMR 3 foot unplated round steel shafts are made from bar-quality cold drawn steel - 50% stronger than hotrolled mild steel - which can be drilled and have keyways cut.

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