ECS Inc. International Datasheets for Crystals

Crystals are naturally occurring materials that can be induced to resonate (vibrate) at an exact frequency. Quartz, a piezoelectric crystal that provides excellent mechanical and electrical stability, acquires a charge when compressed, twisted, or distorted.
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Product Name Notes
10MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -20°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-100-8-33-AGM-TR
12.288MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-122.8-10-33-AGM-TR
12MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-8-33-RWY-TR
12MHz ±15ppm ±25ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-8-33-RHN-TR
12MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-8-33-JGL-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -10°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-10-33-AGL-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -20°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-18-33-AGM-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -40°C ~ 85°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-18-33-AGN-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -20°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-8-33-AGM-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 12pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -40°C ~ 85°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-12-33-AEN-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -20°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-18-33-AEM-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -40°C ~ 85°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-18-33-AEN-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -10°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-20-33-AEL-TR
12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 100 Ohm Fundamental -20°C ~ 70°C - Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-20-33-AEM-TR
12MHz Crystal Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-120-18-36-AGM-TR
13.56MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-135.60-8-33-RWY-TR
13.56MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-135.60-18-33-AGM-TR
13.56MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 100 Ohm Surface Mount 4-SMD -- ECS-135.60-18-33-AEL-TR
14.31818MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-143-8-33-RWY-TR
14.31818MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-143-10-33-AGM-TR
14.31818MHz Crystal Surface Mount 4-SMD -- ECS-143-18-36-AGM-TR
14.7456MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-147.4-10-33-AGL-TR
14.7456MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-147.4-10-33-AGM-TR
14.7456MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 100 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-147.4-12-33-AGM-TR
16.66667MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-166.666-12-36-AGM-TR
16MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-10-36-CKL-TR
16MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-8-33-RWY-TR
16MHz ±15ppm ±25ppm 8pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-8-33-RHN-TR
16MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-8-33-JGL-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-10-33-AGL-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-10-33-AGN-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-12-33-AGN-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 80 OhmCrystal -- ECS-160-12-33-AGM-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-8-33-AGN-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-8-36-AGM-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 13pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-13-36-AEM-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-18-33-AEL-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-18-33-AEM-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-20-33-AEM-TR
16MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-160-20-36-AEL-TR
16MHz Surface Mount 4-SMD Crystal -- ECS-160-9-33B-CKM-TR
18.432MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-10-36-JTM-TR
18.432MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-18-33-JEM-TR
18.432MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-10-33-AGL-TR
18.432MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-10-33-AGM-TR
18.432MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-18-33-AGM-TR
18.432MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-184-18-33-AEL-TR
19.2MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 80 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-192-10-36-JTM-TR
20MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-200-10-36-CKL-TR
20MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-200-8-33-RWY-TR
20MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-200-10-33-AGL-TR
20MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-200-12-33-AGM-TR
20MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-200-18-33-AEM-TR
22.1184MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-221-18-33-JEM-TR
24 MHz Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead Crystal -- ECS-240-10-47-CKM-TR
24.576MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-10-36-CKL-TR
24.576MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-8-33-RWY-TR
24.576MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-10-36-JTM-TR
24.576MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-18-33-JEM-TR
24.576MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-10-33-AGL-TR
24.576MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-245.7-18-33-AGM-TR
24MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-10-36-CKL-TR
24MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-8-33-RWY-TR
24MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-18-33-JTM-TR
24MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-8-33-JGL-TR
24MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-18-33-JEM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-10-33-AGL-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-10-33-AGM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-12-33-AGM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-18-33-AGM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-8-33-AGM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-18-33-AEM-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-18-33-AEN-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-20-33-AEL-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-20-36-AEL-TR
24MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 8pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-240-8-36-AEL-TR
25MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-8-33-RWY-TR
25MHz ±15ppm ±25ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-8-33-RHN-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-10-36-JTM-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-33-JTM-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-33-JTN-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 20pF 40 OhmCrystal -- ECS-250-20-33-JTN-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-8-33-JGL-TR
25MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-33-JEM-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-10-33-AGL-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-12-33-AGM-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-36-AGM-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-8-33-AGM-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-33-AEL-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-18-33-AEM-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-250-20-33-AEL-TR
25MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 20pF 40 OhmCrystal -- ECS-250-20-33-AEY-TR
26MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-260-10-36-CKL-TR
26MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-260-8-33-RWY-TR
26MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-260-10-33-AGM-TR
26MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-260-18-33-AEL-TR
26MHz Crystal Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead -- ECS-260-9-47-CKM-TR
26MHz Surface Mount 4-SMD, No Lead Crystal -- ECS-260-8-47-CKM-TR
27.120 MHz AEC-Q200 qualified, Crystal -- ECS-271.2-10-47Q-ES-TR
27.12MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-271.2-8-33-RWY-TR
27.12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-271.2-12-33-AGM-TR
27.12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-271.2-18-33-AGM-TR
27.12MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-271.2-8-33-AGM-TR
27.12MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-271.2-18-33-AEM-TR
27MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-8-33-RWY-TR
27MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-10-36-JTM-TR
27MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-8-33-JGL-TR
27MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 10pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-10-33-AGL-TR
27MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-12-33-AGM-TR
27MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 18pF 60 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-18-36-AGM-TR
27MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-270-18-33-AEL-TR
27MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 OhmCrystal -- ECS-270-18-33-AEM-TR
28.63636MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-286.3-18-33-JEM-TR
28.63636MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-286.3-18-33-AEM-TR
28.6363MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-286.363-18-33-AEL-TR
30MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 50 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-300-10-36-CKL-TR
30MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-300-8-33-RWY-TR
30MHz ±20ppm ±20ppm 10pF 50 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-300-10-36-JTM-TR
30MHz ±20ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-300-18-33-JEM-TR
30MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-300-18-33-AEN-TR
32MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 10pF 50 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-320-10-36-CKL-TR
32MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-320-8-33-RWM-TR
32MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-320-8-33-RWY-TR
32MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-320-8-33-JGL-TR
32MHz ±25ppm ±30ppm 12pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-320-12-33-AGM-TR
38.4 MHz Crystal Surface Mount 4-SMD -- ECS-384-10-47-CKM-TR
38.4MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm 8.5pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-384-8.5-36-CKY-TR
40MHz ±15ppm ±15ppm 8pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-400-8-33-RWY-TR
48MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 8pF Crystal -- ECS-480-8-33-JGN-TR
48MHz ±25ppm ±50ppm 18pF 40 Ohm Crystal -- ECS-480-18-33-AEM-TR
8MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 12pF Crystal -- ECS-80-12-33-JGN-TR
8MHz ±20ppm ±30ppm 18pF Crystal -- ECS-80-18-33-JGN-TR
Crsytal 18.432MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184.3-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 1.0000MHZ 13PF T/H -- ECS-10-13-1H
Crystal 1.0000MHZ 13PF T/H -- ECS-10-13-1XH
Crystal 1.8432MHZ 13PF T/H -- ECS-18-13-1
Crystal 1.8432MHZ 13PF T/H -- ECS-18-13-1X
Crystal 1.8432MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-18-32-1
Crystal 1.8432MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-18-S-1
Crystal 1.8432MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-18-S-1X
Crystal 10 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-100-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-18-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-5P-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-5PX-JES-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-5PX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-100-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-100-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-100-18-23B-JTN-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-100-18-4
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-100-18-4-DN
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-100-18-4X
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-100-18-9
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-100-18-9X
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-28A-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-30B-DU
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-30B-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-5PDP-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-5PVX
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-100-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-100-20-4VX
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-100-20-4X-DU
Crystal 10.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-100-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-18-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-19A-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-20A-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-28A-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-5P-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-7S-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-100-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-100-S-1
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-100-S-1X
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-100-S-4
Crystal 10.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-100-S-4X
Crystal 10.2400MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-102.4-18-5PXEN
Crystal 10.2400MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-102.4-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 10.2400MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-102.4-18-4XEN
Crystal 10.2400MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-102.4-S-1
Crystal 10.2450MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-102.45-16-5PX-TR
Crystal 10.738635MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-107.3-S-1
Crystal 10.738635MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-107.3-S-4
Crystal 10.738635MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-107.3-S-4X
Crystal 100.0000KHZ 12.5PF T/H -- ECS-1.00-12.5-13
Crystal 100.0000KHZ 12.5PF T/H -- ECS-1.00-12.5-13X
Crystal 10MHz MHz 8pF ±30ppm ±150ppm -40°C ~ 150°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-100-8-30Q-VY-TR
Crystal 11.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-110-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 11.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110-S-5P-TR
Crystal 11.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110-S-1
Crystal 11.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110-S-1X
Crystal 11.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110-S-4
Crystal 11.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110-S-4X
Crystal 11.0460MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110.4-S-1
Crystal 11.0592 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-110.5-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-18-18-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-110.5-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-18-4XEN
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-18-9
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-18-9X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-18-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-19A-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-20A-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-28A-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-5P-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-5PVX
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-7S-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-1
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-1X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-4
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-4VX
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-4X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-20-4XDN
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-32-5P-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-110.5-32-5PX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-32-1
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-32-1X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-32-4
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-32-4DN
Crystal 11.0592MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-110.5-32-4X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-18-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-20A-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-28A-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-5P-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-7S-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-110.5-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110.5-S-1
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110.5-S-1X
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110.5-S-4
Crystal 11.0592MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-110.5-S-4X
Crystal 11.2280MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-112.2-S-1
Crystal 11.2896MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-112.896-18-18-TR
Crystal 11.5200MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-115.2-18-5PXEN
Crystal 11.5200MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-115.2-S-1
Crystal 11.5200MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-115.2-S-4
Crystal 11.5200MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-115.2-S-4X
Crystal 11.98135MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-119.8-S-1
Crystal 11.98135MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-119.8-S-4
Crystal 11.98135MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-119.8-S-4X
Crystal 12 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-120-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 12 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-120-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 12.00 MHZ 10PF SMD,  ESR130 -- ECS-120-10-36B-CKY-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-18-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-28A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-28AX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5P-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5PVX
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5PX-JES-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5PX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-7S-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-120-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120-18-4VX
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120-18-4X-DU
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120-18-4XEN
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120-18-9
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120-18-9X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-19A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-20A
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-20A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-20BM-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-23B
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-23B-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-30B-DU
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-30B-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-33-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-3X-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-120-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-120-20-4
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-120-20-46X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-120-20-4DN
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-120-20-4X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-120-20-4XDN
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-28A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-28AX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-5P-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-5PVX
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-5PX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF SMD -- ECS-120-32-7S-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-120-32-1
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-120-32-1X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-120-32-4
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-120-32-4VX
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-120-32-4X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-120-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-120-9-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-120-CD-0330-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-18-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-19A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-20A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-28A-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-28AX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-5P-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-7S-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-120-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-120-S-1
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-120-S-1X
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-120-S-4
Crystal 12.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-120-S-4X
Crystal 12.000393MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120.003-18-5PTR
Crystal 12.000393MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120.003-18-5PXEN
Crystal 12.000393MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120.003-18-1
Crystal 12.000393MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-120.003-18-4
Crystal 12.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-120-10-36Q-DS-TR
Crystal 12.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-120-10-36Q-EP-TR
Crystal 12.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-120-10-36Q-ES-TR
Crystal 12.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-120-10-36Q-JEN-TR
Crystal 12.000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-120-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 12.0960MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-121-S-1
Crystal 12.0960MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-121-S-4
Crystal 12.288 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-122.8-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-18-18-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-18-4XEN
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-20A-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-28A-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-3X-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-5P-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-5PVX
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-7S-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-1
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-1X
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-4
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-46X
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-4VX
Crystal 12.2880MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-122.8-20-4X
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-122.8-S-5P-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-122.8-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-122.8-S-7S-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-122.8-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-122.8-S-1
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-122.8-S-1X
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-122.8-S-4
Crystal 12.2880MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-122.8-S-4X
Crystal 12.288MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 12.288MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-122.8-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 12.3520MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-123.52-18-7SX
Crystal 12.5000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-125-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 12.9600MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-129.6-18-4
Crystal 12.9600MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-129.6-18-4X
Crystal 125.0000KHZ 12.5PF T/H -- ECS-1.25-12.5-13
Crystal 12MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-120-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 12MHz MHz 12pF ±30ppm ±50ppm -40°C ~ 85°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-120-12-30Q-EN-TR
Crystal 12MHz MHz 8pF ±30ppm ±150ppm -40°C ~ 150°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-120-8-30Q-VY-TR
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-130-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-130-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-130-20-3X-TR
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-130-20-46X
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-130-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 13.0000MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-130-9-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 13.000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-130-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 13.0625MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-130.625-CD-0373
Crystal 13.0625MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-130.625-CD-0373TR
Crystal 13.0625MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-130.625-CDX-0373
Crystal 13.5000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-135.0-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 13.5168MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-135-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 13.5168MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-135-18-4XEN
Crystal 13.5168MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-135-S-1
Crystal 13.56 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-135.6-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-135.60-CDX-0317-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-12-33Q-DS
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-12-5PX-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.600-CD-0374
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.600-CD-0374TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-135.600-CDX-0374
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-20-3X-TR
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-135.6-20-46X
Crystal 13.5600MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-135.6-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 13MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-130-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-143-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-143-18-4XEN
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-143-18-9
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-143-18-9X
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-18-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-19A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-20A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-23A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-23B-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-28A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-30B-DU
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-30B-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-3X-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5P-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5PVX
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-7S-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-143-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-4
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-46X
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-4DN
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-4VX
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-4X
Crystal 14.31818MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-143-20-4XDN
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-18-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-19A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-20A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-23A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-23B-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-28A-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-5P-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-7S-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-143-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-143-S-1
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-143-S-1X
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-143-S-4
Crystal 14.31818MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-143-S-4X
Crystal 14.4000MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-144-9-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 14.6900MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-146-S-1
Crystal 14.7456 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-147.4-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 14.74560MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-18-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-5PX-JES-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-147.4-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-18-4XEN
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-18-9
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-18-9X
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147-20-23A-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147-20-23B-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-28A-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-3X-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-5P-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-5PVX
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-7S-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-147.4-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-1
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-1X
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-4
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-46X
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-4VX
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-20-4X
Crystal 14.7456MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-147.4-32.4
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-20A-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-28A-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-28AX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-5P-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-7S-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-147.4-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-147.4-S-1
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-147.4-S-1X
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-147.4-S-4
Crystal 14.7456MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-147.4-S-4X
Crystal 15.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-150-18-5PXEN
Crystal 15.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-150-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 15.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-150-18-4XEN
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-150-S-5P-TR
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-150-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-150-S-1
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-150-S-1X
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-150-S-4
Crystal 15.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-150-S-4X
Crystal 15.3600MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-153.6-18-18-TR
Crystal 15.3600MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-153.6-18-4XEN
Crystal 15.3600MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-153-20-4
Crystal 15.3600MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-153-20-4X
Crystal 153.6000KHZ 12.5PF T/H -- ECS-1.536-12.5-13
Crystal 153.6000KHZ 12.5PF T/H -- ECS-1.536-12.5-13X
Crystal 16 MHz -- ECS-160-8-37-CWY-TR
Crystal 16 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-160-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 16 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-160-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 16.00 MHZ 8PF SMD, ESR 70 -- ECS-160-8-36B-CKY-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-160-12-37B-CTN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-18-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-5PX-JES-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-160-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160-18-4XEN
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160-18-9
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160-18-9X
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-20A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-23A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-23B-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-28A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-30B-DU
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-30B-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-33-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-3X-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5P-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5PVX
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-7S-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-160-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-1
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-1X
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-46X
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4DN
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4VX
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4X
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4X-B
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4X-B-DN
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4X-DU
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-160-20-4XDN
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-160-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-160-8-36CKM
Crystal 16.0000MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-160-9-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-18-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-19A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-20A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-23A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-23B-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-28A-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-28AX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-5P-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-7S-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-160-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-160-S-1
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-160-S-1X
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-160-S-4
Crystal 16.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-160-S-4X
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160.003-18-5PTR
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160.003-18-5PX-TR
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160.003-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160.003-18-1
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160.003-18-4
Crystal 16.000312MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-160.003-18-4X
Crystal 16.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-160-10-36Q-DS-TR
Crystal 16.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-160-10-36Q-EP-TR
Crystal 16.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-160-10-36Q-ES-TR
Crystal 16.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-160-10-36Q-JEN-TR
Crystal 16.000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-160-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-162.57-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-162.5-20-5P-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-162.57-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-162.57-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-162.57-20-33-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-162.5-20-4
Crystal 16.2570MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-162.5-S-5P-TR
Crystal 16.2570MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-162.5-S-4
Crystal 16.3840MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-163-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 16.3840MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-163-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 16.3840MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-163.8-18-4XEN
Crystal 16.384MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-163.8-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 16.384MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-163.8-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 16.6660MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-166.66-18-18-TR
Crystal 16.9344MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-169.344-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 16MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-160-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 16MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-160-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 16MHz MHz 12pF ±30ppm ±150ppm -40°C ~ 125°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-160-12-30Q-VS-TR
Crystal 16MHz MHz 8pF ±30ppm ±150ppm -40°C ~ 150°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-160-8-30Q-VY-TR
Crystal 17.734475MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-177.3-18-5PXEN
Crystal 17.734475MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-177.3-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 17.734475MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-177.3-18-4-EN
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-180-18-5PXEN
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-180-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-180-18-4XEN
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-180-20-1
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-180-20-1X
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-180-20-4
Crystal 18.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-180-20-4X
Crystal 18.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-180-S-5P-TR
Crystal 18.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-180-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 18.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-180-S-1
Crystal 18.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-180-S-4
Crystal 18.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-180-S-4X
Crystal 18.43 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-184-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 18.432 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-184-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-18-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-5P-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-5PX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-184-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-1
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-1X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-4
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-4X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-9
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-184-18-9X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-23A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-23B-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-28A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-33-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-3X-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5P-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5PVX
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-184-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-1
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-1X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-4
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-46X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-4DN
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-4VX
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-4X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-184-20-4XDN
Crystal 18.4320MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-184-8-36CKM
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-18-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-19A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-20A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-23A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-23B-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-28A-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-5P-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-7S-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-184-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-184-S-1
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-184-S-1X
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-184-S-4
Crystal 18.4320MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-184-S-4X
Crystal 18.432MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-184-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 18.432MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-184.3-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 19.2000 MHZ 7PF SMD, ESR 70 -- ECS-192-7-36B-CKY-TR
Crystal 19.2000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-192-8-36CKM
Crystal 19.200MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-192-10-37Q-EN-TR
Crystal 19.200MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-192-10-37Q-ES-TR
Crystal 19.2800MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-192-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 19.2MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-192-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 19.2MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-192.0-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-18-4XEN
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-18-9
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-18-9X
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-23A-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-23B-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-33-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-3X-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-5P-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-7S-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-196.6-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-1
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-1X
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-4
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-46X
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-4DN
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-4X
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-196.6-20-4XDN
Crystal 19.6608MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-196-8-36CKM
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196-S-23A-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196-S-23B-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-18-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-19A-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-20A-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-5P-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-7S-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-196.6-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-196.6-S-1
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-196.6-S-1X
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-196.6-S-4
Crystal 19.6608MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-196.6-S-4X
Crystal 19.6800MHZ 9PF SMD -- ECS-196.8-9-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 2.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-20-20-1
Crystal 2.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-20-20-1X
Crystal 2.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-20-S-1
Crystal 2.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-20-S-1X
Crystal 2.0480MHZ 12PF T/H -- ECS-20.48-12-1
Crystal 2.0480MHZ 12PF T/H -- ECS-20.48-12-1X
Crystal 2.4576MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-24-32-1
Crystal 2.4576MHZ 32PF T/H -- ECS-24-32-1X
Crystal 2.5000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-25-S-1
Crystal 2.5000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-25-S-1X
Crystal 20 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-200-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 20 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-200-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 20.000 MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-CDX-0998
Crystal 20.000 MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-200-CDX-0778
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-CDX-0914
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 10PF SMD, ESR 70 -- ECS-200-10-37B-CKY-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-200-16-5P-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-200-16-5PX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-200-16-7S-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-200-16-7SX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-18-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-5PX-JES-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-200-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-200-18-4XEN
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-200-18-9
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-200-18-9X
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-18-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-19A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-20A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-20B-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-23A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-23B-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-28A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-30B-DU
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-30B-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-33-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-3X-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5P-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5PVX
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-7S-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-200-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-1
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-1X
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-46X
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4DN
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4VX
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4X
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4X-DU
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-200-20-4XDN
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-200-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-200-8-36CKM
Crystal 20.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-200-8-37CKM
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-18-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-19A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-20A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-23A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-23B-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-28A-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-5P-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-5PX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-7S-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-200-S-7SX-TR
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-200-S-1
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-200-S-1X
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-200-S-4
Crystal 20.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-200-S-4X
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-36Q-DS-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-36Q-EP-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-36Q-ES-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-36Q-JEN-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-37Q-EN-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-200-10-37Q-ES-TR
Crystal 20.000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-200-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 20.3563MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-203.563-CD-0375
Crystal 20.3563MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-203.563-CD-0375TR
Crystal 20.3563MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-203.563-CDX-0375
Crystal 20.4800MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-204.8-18-18-TR
Crystal 20.4800MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-204.8-20-5P-TR
Crystal 20.4800MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-204.8-20-5PX
Crystal 20.4800MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-204.8-20-4
Crystal 20.4800MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-204.8-20-4X
Crystal 20MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-200-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 20MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-200-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 20MHz MHz 8pF ±30ppm ±150ppm -40°C ~ 150°C AEC-Q200 -- ECS-200-8-30Q-VY-TR
Crystal 21.47727MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-214.7-S-4
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-221-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-221-18-18-TR
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-221-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-221-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-221-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 22.1184MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-221-18-4XEN
Crystal 22.1184MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-221-S-1
Crystal 22.1184MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-221-S-1X
Crystal 22.1184MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-221-S-4
Crystal 22.1184MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-221-S-4X
Crystal 22.6278MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-226.278-CD-0376
Crystal 22.6278MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-226.278-CD-0376TR
Crystal 22.6278MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-226.278-CDX-0376
Crystal 23.2643MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-232.643-CD-0377
Crystal 23.2643MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-232.643-CD-0377TR
Crystal 23.2643MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-232.643-CDX-0377
Crystal 23.5122MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-235.122-CD-0378
Crystal 23.5122MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-235.122-CD-0378TR
Crystal 23.5122MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-235.122-CDX-0378
Crystal 23.5920MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-235.92-S-7S-TR
Crystal 24 MHz 18 ± 20 ppm ± 50 ppm -20 ~ +70°C -- ECS-240-18-30-JEM-TR
Crystal 24 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-240-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 24.00 MHZ 10PF SMD, ESR 50, ±10ppm, ±20ppm -- ECS-240-10-36B-CTN-TR
Crystal 24.000.000MHz 10PF SMD Tape & Reel (TR) ECX-1247Q -- ECS-240-10-47Q-CES-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-240-12-20A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-240-12-28A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-240-12-28AX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-240-12-5PX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF SMD, ESR 50 -- ECS-240-12-37B-CKY-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 12PF T/H -- ECS-240-12-4X
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 13PF SMD -- ECS-240-13-42-CKM-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-240-16-18-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-240-16-5P-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-240-16-5PX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF SMD -- ECS-240-16-7S-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF T/H -- ECS-240-16-4
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 16PF T/H -- ECS-240-16-4X
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-18-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF SMD,ECX-64,MHz Crystal -- ECS-240-18-23B-JTM-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-240-18-4XEN
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-240-18-9
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-18-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-19A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-20A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-23B-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-28A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-28AX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-30B-DU
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-30B-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-33-CKM-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-33-DU-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-33-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5P-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5PDN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5PVX
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5PXDN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-7S-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-240-20-7SX-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-1
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-1X
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-4
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-4DN
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-4VX
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-4X
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-240-20-4XDN
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 30PF SMD -- ECS-240-30-30B-DU-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-240-8-30B-CKM
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-240-8-36CKM
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-240-8-37CKM
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-240-8-47-JTN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD, ESR 50 -- ECS-240-8-37B-CKY-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-19A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-20A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-23A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-23B-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-28A-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-5P-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240-S-7S-TR
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-240-S-1
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-240-S-1X
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-240-S-4
Crystal 24.0000MHZ SERIES T/H -- ECS-240-S-4X
Crystal 24.00014MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240.001-18-5PTR
Crystal 24.00014MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-240.001-18-1
Crystal 24.00014MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-240.001-18-4
Crystal 24.00014MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-240.001-18-4XEN
Crystal 24.00014MHZ SERIES SMD -- ECS-240.0014S20A-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-36Q-DS-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-36Q-EP-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-36Q-ES-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-36Q-JEN-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-37Q-EN-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-240-10-37Q-ES-TR
Crystal 24.000MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-240-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 24.576 MHz 18 ±20 ppm ±30 ppm -40 ~ +85°C -- ECS-245.7-18-30-JGN-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-18-18-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-18-5PXEN-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-18-7SX-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-18-4XEN
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-18-9
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 18PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-18-9X
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245-20-30B-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-28A-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-3X-EN-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-3X-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-5G3XDS-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-5P-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-5PVX
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-5PX-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-20-5PXDU-TR
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-20-4
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-20-46X
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-20-4VX
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-20-4X
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 20PF T/H -- ECS-245.7-20-4XDN
Crystal 24.5760MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-8-36CKM
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-36Q-DS-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-36Q-EP-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-36Q-ES-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-36Q-JEN-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-37Q-EN-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 10PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-10-37Q-ES-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 12PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-12-33Q-JES-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 24.576MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-245.7-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 24MHz -- ECS-240-8-47B-7KM-TR
Crystal 24MHz ±7 ppm ±10ppm ±1 ppm 10pF 50 Ohms -- ECS-240-10-36B-7KM-TR
Crystal 24MHz 12pF -- ECS-240-12-37B-7KM-TR
Crystal 24MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-240-18-33-JGN-TR
Crystal 24MHz 6pF 80 Ohms -- ECS-240-6-37B-7KM-TR
Crystal 24MHZ 8PF SMD -- ECS-240-8-36-RWN-TR
Crystal 24MHz SMD -- ECS-240-10-33B-7KM-TR
Crystal 24MHz SMD -- ECS-240-18-33B-7KM-TR
Crystal 25.00 MHZ 10PF SMD, ESR 50, ±10ppm, ±20ppm -- ECS-250-10-36B-CTN-TR
Crystal 25.000 MHZ 10PF SMD, ESR 50 -- ECS-250-10-37B-CTN-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-18-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-20BQ-DS
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-23A-EN-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-23B-F-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-28AX
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-30BQ-DS
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-33Q-DS
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-5P-F-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-5PX-F-TR
Crystal 25.0000MHZ 18PF SMD -- ECS-250-18-5PX-JES-TR
Because they provide high reliability and long term stability, ECS SMD (surface mount) and Through Hole Crystals are ideal for microprocessor applications. All products feature low series resistance, precision frequency...

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