Erdmann Corporation Datasheets for I/O Modules and Instruments

Data acquisition I/O devices have both input and output functionality. Digital or discrete I/O modules include on-off signals used in communication, user interface, or control.
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Product Name Notes
AS-Interface VCT -- 96
AS-Interface VCT with Extended Addressing -- 97
Actuator Sensor Interface Protocol Up to 31 VCTs (96) or 62 VCTs (97) may be linked on a single pair of wires using the AS-Interface protocol. Power and control is...
DeviceNet -- 92 DeviceNet Protocol DeviceNet dramatically cuts installation costs by integrating up to 62 devices on a 4-wire trunk network. DeviceNet interfaces directly with many popular PCs and PLCs including Allen Bradley,...
Foundation Fieldbus VCT Bus Powered -- 93
Foundation Fieldbus VCT Externally Powered -- 94
Foundation Fieldbus™ Protocol Designed for use in the process industries, Foundation fieldbus offers multi-drop capabilities, long trunk length, and is fully compatible with intrinsic safety circuits. Foundation fieldbus H1 level...