Macnaught USA, Inc. Datasheets for Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Fuel dispensing equipment dispenses and monitors all types of liquid and gaseous fuel.
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Product Name Notes
Multi-purpose Lever Drum Pump -- A2H A classic Macnaught hand pump, the Multi-Purpose Lever Drum Pump is the ideal pump for transferring a wide variety of fluids such as diesel fuel, lubricating oils and an extensive...
1:1 Air Operated Drum Pump -- R-SERIES™ R100T
3:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- R-SERIES™ R300S-02
5:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- R-SERIES™ R500S
The R-SERIES™ air operated oil pumps are the optimal heavy duty solution for medium to large workshop and mobile applications. The ideal choice for remote mounting or integration into oil...
Rotary Fuel Pump -- RAPIDFLO™ GT Top of the range, the RAPIDFLO™ is the ideal pump for high flow transfer applications for fuels and light oils. The RAPIDFLO™ is a high performance self-priming rotary action fuel...