Macnaught USA, Inc. Datasheets for Drum Pumps

Drum pumps are used to transfer materials from a container into a process or other container. They may be electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically powered depending on the working environment or application.
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Product Name Notes
Battery-powered Oil Pump -- BOP20 SINGLE HANDEDLY IMPROVING WORKFLOW Freedom. That’s what it is, freedom. There’s never been a smarter oil pump. Designed and manufactured in Australia, th e Macnaught BOP20 is a portable and...
Multi-purpose Lever Drum Pump -- A2H A classic Macnaught hand pump, the Multi-Purpose Lever Drum Pump is the ideal pump for transferring a wide variety of fluids such as diesel fuel, lubricating oils and an extensive...
Air Operated Grease Pump, 16 kg -- POWERLUBE™ P3TR
Air Operated Grease Pump, 180 kg -- MAXILUBE™ P8-11
Air Operated Grease Pump, 55 kg -- MAXILUBE™ P6TR
Macnaught’s range of 50:1 ratio air operated grease pumps and greasing systems represent innovative and efficient tools for a wide variety of greasing applications. Award winning robust, reinforced polymer air...
3:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- OILMASTER® T312
5:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- OILMASTER® T512
The OILMASTER® T-Series stub and drum oil pumps are premium quality, reliable, economically priced oil transfer pumps. With no need for air line lubrication and a low air consumption design,...
1:1 Air Operated Drum Pump -- R-SERIES™ R100T
3:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- R-SERIES™ R300S-02
5:1 Air Operated Stub Pump -- R-SERIES™ R500S
The R-SERIES™ air operated oil pumps are the optimal heavy duty solution for medium to large workshop and mobile applications. The ideal choice for remote mounting or integration into oil...