Macnaught USA, Inc. Datasheets for Reels

Reels are devices around which lengthy, continuous items such as cable, wires, paper, etc. are wrapped for transportation or storage.
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Product Name Notes
Standard Hose Reels -- RETRACTA® R3-S Series INNOVATION BY DESIGN. ALL NEW RETRACTA R3. The new R3 family of polypropylene hose reels from Retracta brings robust durability intoa new era. 2 years in development, the new R3...
Hose Reels with Adjustable Return -- RETRACTA® R3-P+ Series RETRACTA R3 - RACR® Optimize safety with adjustable rewind speeds At the heart of this innovation is the patented RACR® ‘Retracta Adjustable Control Return’ system supplied on all R3-P+ models.
Cold Wash Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® CW100
Compressed Air Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® AR100
Compressed Air Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® AR200
Compressed Air Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® AW100
Compressed Air Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® AW200
Domestic Water Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® DR100
Hot Wash Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® HW100
Medium Pressure Oil Hose Reel -- RETRACTA® OMP100
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ergonomic handle -Lightweight and portable Spring latch mechanism -Allows the reel to be fitted in any orientation Industrial strength fittings - For long life and reliability Easy to...