Xoxide Datasheets for Cathode Emitters and Filaments

Cathodes are negatively charged electrodes used in batteries, electrolysis systems, plating, electrowinning, electron emission, and other specialized processes.
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Product Name Notes
Logisys 15in Cold Cathode w/ Sound Module - Blue -- 16501
Logisys 15in Cold Cathode w/ Sound Module - Green -- 16504
Logisys 15in Cold Cathode w/ Sound Module - Red -- 16503
Logisys 15in Cold Cathode w/ Sound Module - UV -- 16502
Bigger is better! These super bright 15 inch long cathode lights outshine and outperform all standard cathodes on the market. With 3 extra inches of light over standard 12 inch...
6" Secondary Blue Cathode Tube -- 156 If you have a case with a side window, you don't want to miss out on the chance to make a serious visual impression. For a simple and effective way...
8" Secondary Cathode - Green -- 157 If you're planning on taking the green approach to building your PC, sometimes it's OK to just take things literally and go with the color. Sure, it may be environmentally-friendly...
Cold Cathode Sound Activated Module -- 174 Just plug this 3-Way Cold Cathode Sound Activation Module into your current Cathode Kit, and those dull, steady cathodes of yours will instantly be turned into stunning sound sensitive cathodes.
12" Secondary Cathode - Purple -- 70352
12" Secondary Cathode - White -- 70351
12" Secondary Cathode - Yellow -- 70350
12in Secondary Blue Cold Cathode -- 150
12in Secondary Green Cold Cathode -- 152
12in Secondary Red Cold Cathode -- 153
12in Secondary UV Cold Cathode -- 151
8" Secondary Cathode - Blue -- 70354
Logisys 8" Secondary Cathode - Red -- 70355
Logisys 8" Secondary Cathode - UV -- 70356
Logisys 8" Secondary Cathode - White -- 70358
Logisys 8" Secondary Cathode - Yellow -- 70357
The bulb here can be used as a secondary attachment to the cathode that you have now. This cathode comes with no inverter, just a bulb. You simply plug this...
12in Liquid Neon Cathode Light (Blue) -- 4006
12in Liquid Neon Cathode Light (Red) -- 4005
The Liquid Neon Cathode Light is specially designed to give the impression of glowing liquid inside your cathode tube. The Liquid Neon's lighting effect is very similar to that of...