Xoxide Datasheets for Support Stands

Support stands are used to hold a piece of equipment at an elevated or extended position. This product area represents a large range of products - from heavy-duty industrial jack stands to light-weight, easily-adjustable camera and speaker stands.
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Product Name Notes
Suitable for single, dual, triple and quad 120mm radiators Material: Steel Powdercoated Black Finish Supports: RX120 RX240 RX360 RX480 RS120 RS240 RS360
If your hard drives are going to live outside of enclosures... at least give them some legs to stand on! This set of hard drive legs can be attached to...
Running out of desk space? Here's an easy solution: the Scythe KamaVesa! This ingenious item mounts on the back of any VESA monitor and provides an adjustable shelf for storing...