NBK America LLC Datasheets for Washers

Washers are disks of metal or non-metallic material placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint, to relieve friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure.
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Product Name Notes
High Intensity Flat Washers -- SWF Flat washers for high intensity screws. The surface area is twice or more of that of standard washers. Washers eliminate bolt looseness by preventing the sinking of the bearing surface.
Ribbed Lock Washers -- SWR
Ribbed Lock Washers -- SWRS
Ribs on both sides of the washer hook onto the bolt bearing surface and intended attachment section to prevent looseness due to vibration. Washers for loosing prevention. For connecting locations...
Inconel Washer -- SWAI-F Screws show excellent corrosion resistance against oxidizing and reducing by inorganic and organic acids.⇒The Properties of Screws Made of Special Materials Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking caused by hydrogen...
Seal washer -- SWS-E
Seal washer -- SWS-S
Seal washer incorporating rubber packing in a stainless steel washer. Prevents air/liquid leakage from the seating surface of the screw head. During screw tightening, the rubber bonds with the screw...
Seal Washers - Teflon Coating -- SWS-HTF Sealing washers with a built-in rubber seal. Sealing washers prevent the leakage of gas and liquid from the bearing surface of the screw head. The washer body is coated with...
Washers - Titanium -- SWAT-F
Washers - Titanium -- SWAT-S
Specific gravity is approximately 60% of stainless steel. Nonmagnetic. Excellent chemical and seawater resistance. Chemical polishing and brightening processing improve the screw surface. Furthermore, the screws are cleanroom washed, cleanroom...
Seal Washer -- SWS
Seal Washer -- SWS-F
Stainless steel sealing washers with a built-in rubber seal. Washers prevent the leakage of gas and liquid from the bearing surface of the screw head. The rubber does not escape...
Washers with Ventilation Grooves - Titanium -- SWAT-VF
Washers with Ventilation Grooves -- SWAS-VF
Washers with Ventilation Grooves -- SWAS-VF-PC
The ventilation groove easily releases gas trapped in the drill holes of equipment and machines, and supports vacuum drawing of vacuum devices. Cleanroom wash and cleanroom packing are completed.⇒Cleanroom Wash...
Adjust Metal Washer - Stainless Steel -- SWAS-AW
Adjust Metal Washer - Stainless Steel Black -- SWAS-AWBK
Adjust Metal Washer - Steel - Electroless Nickel Plating -- SWA-AWEL
Adjust Metal Washer - Steel - Ferrosoferric Oxide Film -- SWA-AW
There is a variety of outside diameters and thickness relative to normal plain washers. For securing seating surface on the long hole position and engagement of materials with low marginal...
Washers - Molybdenum -- SWAM-F These nuts and washers are made of pure molybdenum. Melting Point: 2623 deg C. Excellent heat resistance.
Spherical Washers -- SQW
Spherical Washers -- SQWS
Use a concave and convex set. Washers can absorb a tilt of the bolt and bearing surface to a maximum of 2°.
Eccentric Lock Washer™ -- SWAS-EW Vibration resistant treatment effect can be achieved simply by using commercially available hexagon nuts. Hexagon nuts can be tightened by hand until tightening force applies, for simple mounting. Use the...
Rosette Washer -- SWAS-RW Washer for Flat Head Screw. A Flat Head Screw can be used without countersinking. It decorates the mounting part beautifully by sleek spherical shape.
Washer -- LY
Washer -- LY-N
Washer to be used with the pull. It decorates the mounting part of the pull beautifully. Pull compatible with washer UNF UNFS UNFA (UNFUNF-HUNF-SHUNFSUNFS-HUNFS-SHUNFA) TGY TG (TGYTG) UGF (UGF) LY...
Captive Washer for Pull (with Captive Screw) -- LYSC-N-SSC
Captive Washer for Pull -- LYSC-N
With a pull mounted on it, the pull mounting surface is beautifully decorated while falling of screws within the enclosure is prevented. No additional modification of cover or door is...