TFC Ltd. Datasheets for Drill Bits

Drill bits are drill accessories that are used as rotary cutting tools for drilling holes.
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Product Name Notes
Dimensions: Metric Material: Stainless Steel Finish: Self Colour
Dimensions: mm Material: A2 Stainless Steel Finish: Self Colour
Standard: Bi - Metal Dual PItch Size: 14mm - 210mm
Standard: ISO 235 DIN 338 BS328 Size: 1.0mm - 16mm
General purpose long series jobber drill
Rolled high speed, straight shank HSS drill bits, designed for drilling steel, plastic, wood and similar materials
Short length general purposes drill
TFC masonry bits are a variation of the twist drill bit. The body is relatively soft steel, and is machined with a mill. The cutting edge consists of a tungsten...
Double slot chuck system design to prevent drill seizure Pointed tip to reduce slippage on commencement of drilling Increased drilling speed from the special flute design for effective dust extraction...
Tin coated tip Bright finish