TFC Ltd. Datasheets for Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are personal protective equipment worn over the hands to protect users from adverse processes or environments. They come in a variety of designs to support their breadth of utility.
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Product Name Notes
Description: Kevlar Reinforced Super Welders Gauntlet EN 388 Ref: S10 Colour / Type: Blue
Description: Ladies Stockinette Gloves Ref: STLKW Colour / Type: Stockinette
Description: Mens Stockinette Gloves Ref: STMKW Colour / Type: Stockinette
Description: Nitrile Lightweight Palm Coated Gloves With Knitted Wrist Ref: NFCKW Colour / Type: Black Nitrile
Description: Pre Powdered Latex Gloves Ref: LDNPP Colour / Type: Natural
Description: PVC Knitted Wrist Fully Coated Ref: RPKW SIZE 10 Colour / Type: Red PVC
Description: Superior Leather Welders Gauntlet Ref: LWGY Colour / Type: Gold
Ref: CR1 Colour: Grey
Ref: CR2NPBK Colour: Black or Brown
Ref: FHCHFG Colour: Yellow Type: High Quality Fleece Lined
Ref: S12 Colour: Blue / Gold Ref: SLD32 Colour: Grey / Yellow
Ref: S12R DP2 Colour: Red / Blue
TraffiGlove is a leading designer and manufacturer of PPE safety gloves. Flagship innovation – and the one that has been copied by manufacturers around the world – is the introduction...