TFC Ltd. Datasheets for Studs

Studs are mechanical fasteners which are threaded on one or both ends. One end is secured to an object. The other end is used typically with a nut.
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Product Name Notes
Weld Studs, CD Flanged Material: SWS - Mild steel (Coppered) SWSS - Stainless steel To specify: Code - Thread - Length eg Mild steel weld stud, M3 thread, 10mm long - SWS M3-10
Self Clinch Studs, High Torque SHCHH high torque studs have a heavy head configuration that provides greater torque-out and improved pull-through resistance. Material: SHCHH - Medium Carbon steel, Heat treated SHCHHS - 300 Series Stainless...
Self Clinch Studs, Non Flush STCH non flush studs are maunfactured for use in sheets as thin as 0.5mm (.020in.) thick. The push-out and torque-out values are excellent for most applications. The head of the...
Self Clinch Flush Head Studs The SCH range of studs provide a flush head finish in materials as thin as 1.0mm whilst giving a high level of torque-out and push-out performance. Material: SCH - Carbon...
Studs - Hot Dipped Galvanised with internal hexagon tool in each box
Studs - Stainless Steel A2
Industry standard length Studs, complete with a nut and washer and stud end cut at 45o with hexagon drive.