TFC Ltd. Datasheets for Industrial Sealants

Industrial sealants are liquid or viscous compounds used between surfaces to contain fluids, prevent leaks, and prevent infiltration of unwanted material. They may also include compounds for filling gaps or seams.
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Product Name Notes
Loctite® 5145 Flexible non-corrosive electrical grade Adhesive/Sealant Low odour, neutral cure that does not corrode electrical and electronic components.
Loctite® 5366/5367/5368 Flexible Adhesive/Sealant Cures to a flexible rubber. Recommended for bonding, sealing and protecting components subjected to vibration. Suitable for glass, metal, ceramics, composites, and most plastics.
Loctite® 5398 Flexible Adhesive/Sealant Recommended for sealing heat exchangers, steam circuits, water heaters, ovens and in equipment such as turbines and pumps. The product may also be used for protection...
Loctite® 5399 Flexible high temperature Adhesive/Sealant Suitable for bonding and sealing glass, metal, and ceramics, where temperature can reach 350°C, e.g. sealing of stove flues/chimneys, industrial ovens, electro-appliances and ventilation...