TFC Ltd. Datasheets for Anti-seize Compounds

Anti-seize compounds, anti-stick compounds, and thread lubricants are applied to threads to prevent binding or sticking bolts or fasteners.
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Product Name Notes
C5-A® Loctite® 8007 aerosol Loctite® 8008 brush top Loctite® 8065 stick Copper based Anti-Seize, for screws, nuts, pipes, heat exchangers etc. Typical applications: exhaust bolts, brake calliper bolts.
Loctite 8040 Freeze and Release Releases rusted, corroded and seized components by the shock – freezing effect Wick directly into the rust by capillary action Released parts remain lubricated and...
Loctite® 8009 brush top Metal free Anti-Seize providing a long term lubrication on all metals including stainless steel and titanium.
Loctite® 8012 brush top MoS2 assembly paste ensures maximum lubricity, gives good resistance to extremely high loads and is ideal for protection of parts during running in or cold start.
Loctite® 8013 brush top High purity metal free Anti-Seize with excellent chemical resistance. Recommended for stainless steel. Ideal for use in the nuclear industry.
Loctite® 8014 can Food grade metal free Anti-Seize. Recommended for stainless steel components, and can be used in wet environments.
Loctite® 8023 brush top Anti-Seize with ultimate wash out resistance. Suitable for use on stainless steel.
Loctite® 8150 can Loctite® 8151 aerosol Loctite® 8060 stick Aluminium based Anti-Seize for screws, nuts, pipes, heat exchangers etc. Typical applications: wheel to hub connection.
Loctite® 8154 aerosol Loctite® 8155 can MoS2 assembly paste which is ideal for slow moving or static assemblies. Prevents press fits from galling or seizing and can reduce the risk...