Zurn Industries LLC Datasheets for Nuts

Nuts are a type of hardware fastener with a tapped inner diameter. They are used with a mating threaded bolt or rod to secure components. There are many sizes and varieties of nuts; each with a particular fastening purpose. Some nuts can be applied without tools, and others may have special designs to prevent the nut from loosening.

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Product Name Notes
Brass Coupling Nut 1/2 used with Z810, Z811, Z812, Z821, Z825, Z827, Z831, Z831 ICT, Z836, Z861, Z865, Z866, Z867 and Z871.
Features And Benefits Handle Nut Assembly
Ferrule Nut and Ferrule for Water Free Urinal used with Z5795.
Ferrule Nut for Waterless Urinal used with Z5795.
Handle coupling provides secure connection of handle to valve body. Features And Benefits For use AquaVantage® and Aquaflush® Exposed Flush Valves Chrome- plated finish Zurn repair parts and accessories provide...
Stop Nut/Coupling - CP. Used with Z6000, Z6003, Z6001, Z6200, Z6203, Z6201, ZH6000, ZH6003, ZH6001, ZGEN6200, ZEMS G2, ZGEN6200, ZER, Z6200PEV, ZEG6003EV, ZEMS – IS, Stops Tailpieces.
The QBN3 Basin Nut is 1/2" in size. Features And Benefits Basin nut 1/2" in size
The QHPAPMM2 is a brass connector nut for use with Alumicor pipe to connect the pipe to a QUIKZONE or ACCUFLOW manifold. It is designed for 3/8" connections to the...
Widespread Body Mounting Nut used with Z831, Z831 ICT, and Z867 faucets.
Widespread Flex Mount Shank Nut used with Z831 and Z867 faucets.
Widespread Shank Nut (for -ICT only)
XL Brass Swivel Cone - 1/2" Barb x 1/2" FPT - Plastic Nut Features And Benefits Used in PEX hot and cold water plumbing applications Easy to install Low-lead compliant...
Zurn AquaSpec® faucets replacement parts and accessories provide long-lasting durability suitable for commercial restroom applications. Features And Benefits Chrome plated brass Used on Z885 made prior to July 2006