Electro Optical Components, Inc. Datasheets for Thermopiles

Thermopiles are thermocouples arrays, wired in series that are used in motion sensing applications.
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Product Name Notes
Cambridge CMOS Single Channel MEMS SOI Thermopile Detector
Far Infrared (FIR) BiSb Thermopile Detectors
High Temperature Component
High Temperature Gas & Liquid Measurement Module
High Temperature NDIR Module
Multi-Channel Thin Film Technology (BiSb) Thermopile Detectors
One Channel Thermopile Detector -- TS1x80B-A-D0.75--180
Single Channel Thin Film Technology (BiSb) Thermopile Detectors
Thermal IR Detector -- MTS1 TEMP eco
Thermopile Array
Electro Optical Components offers high performance pyroelectric and thermopile detectors as well as IR sources. Detectors that measure radiation by means of the change of temperature of an absorbing material...
MEMS Thermopile Sensor with ASIC High-performance thermopile detectors with ASIC for non-contact infrared temperature measurement solutions WISE’ infrared sensing technologies are playing a vital role in creating a healthier, easier and safer tomorrow. WISE has...
Eight Channel Thermopile Detector -- TS8x200B-TO Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH produces high performance pyroelectric detectors and NDIR gas sensors, as well as thermopile infrared detectors and IR sources. View the Micro-Hybrid video at the bottom of this...
gSKIN Heat Flux Sensor
gSKIN PCB Mounted Sensor -- MOD
gSKIN Positioning Sensor -- XI 22 9A
The gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor helps increase energy efficiency, improve material quality, or add decisive functionalities to your product. Heat flux sensing helps you better understand the thermal characteristics...