Electro Optical Components, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Lens Assemblies

Optical lens assemblies are composed of a number of lenses mounted for a particular imaging function.  These can include telecentric lenses, collimators, beam expanders, zoom lenses, etc.
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Product Name Notes
Laser Diode Collimator Applications: Construction laser applications, Positioning, Light barriers, Leveling Dimensions: Length from 8 mm up to 22 mm, Diameter from 4.2 mm up to 7 mm
Beam Expander Corresponding with Wavelength Technology's constant innovation and drive for excellence, they recently released their new beam expander mounting. This adjustable mount has been a widely accepted model that is able...
1064nm Beam Expander (Custom)
Beam Expander
Beam Expander -- 266nm BEX Fixed Series
Beam Expander -- 405nm BEX Adjusted Series
Green Adjustable Beam Expander
UV (355nm) Adjustable Beam Expander
The most common beam expander is Galilean type which usually has one negative input lens and one positive output lens. The beam expansion ratio for a Gaussian beam depends not...
Beam Shapers for Lasers The Wavelength Technology beam shaper is designed to change the Gaussian profile of a light source (usually a laser) to a Top-Hat profile. Existing beam shaper designs have a maximum...