Electro Optical Components, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Isolators

Optical isolators are optical devices that allow light to be transmitted in only one direction. They are most often used to prevent any light from reflecting back down the fiber, as this light would enter the source and cause feedback problems.
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Product Name Notes
Ultra Wide Band Faraday Optical Isolator / Rotator -- FOI 5/57UWB In response to customer demands for isolators with increasingly broad tuning ranges, Leysop has introduced a new design of isolator based on the FOI5/57 design but using a slightly longer...
Broadband & Ultra Wide Band Faraday Optical Rotators / Isolators for Ti:Sapphire
Broadband Faraday Optical Isolator / Rotator -- FOI 5/57BB
Leysop tunable isolators as described above are ideal for fixed wavelength operation or where only occasional adjustment is required between experiments when the source wavelength has been changed. These adjustments...
Faraday Optical Isolator -- FOI 5/57
Faraday Optical Isolator -- FOI 5/711
These are tunable Faraday rotators in which the plane of polarization of a laser beam is rotated through 45° as it passes through a high Verdet constant material, positioned in...