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Electro Optical Components, Inc. Datasheets for Waveplates and Retardation Plates

Waveplates and retardation plates are optical elements with two principal axes, one slow and one fast, which resolve an incident polarized beam into two mutually perpendicular polarized beams. The emerging beam recombines to form
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For a given plate thickness a low order waveplate will operate as a quaterwave, halfwave and full wave plate at different wavelengths. By selecting the thickness it is possible to...
The Savart plate is an extremely useful device, usually manufactured in either calcite or quartz, which is used for the detection of very weakly polarized light, for example in starlight.
These retardation plates use high optical damage threshold crystal quartz. They are orientated with the optic axis in the plane of the plate and light polarized at 45° to the...