J. W. Winco, Inc. Datasheets for Nuts

Nuts are a type of hardware fastener with a tapped inner diameter. They are used with a mating threaded bolt or rod to secure components. There are many sizes and varieties of nuts; each with a particular fastening purpose. Some nuts can be applied without tools, and others may have special designs to prevent the nut from loosening.

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Product Name Notes
DIN 934 Also conforms to ISO 4032
DIN 439B Also conforms to ISO 4035/ISO 8675
GB1 An economical solution for finger tight clamping.
GN 834 any quantity of the blank version can be tapped or reamed in inch or metric sizes.
CN Check nuts may be used in combination with other components such as knurled head screws, torque thumb screws, hand knob assemblies, toggle shoe clamp assemblies and many other tooling applications.
GN 206 Clamp nuts GN 206 are simple and economic components
GN 206-NI Clamp nuts GN 206-NI are simple components
GN 206.1 Clamp nuts with double arm GN 206.1 are solid components
GN 206.1-NI Clamp nuts with double arm GN 206.1-NI are solid components
DIN 466 DIN 466 knurled nuts are machined from solid bar.
DIN 466-NI DIN 466-NI stainless steel knurled nuts are manufactured from solid bar stock.
DIN 467 DIN 467 flat knurled nuts are machined from solid bar stock.
DIN 6303 DIN 6303 knurled nut is machined from solid bar stock.
DIN 6303-NI DIN 6303-NI knurled nut is machined from solid bar stock.
No. 510 Due to the reduced bearing area in the T-slot, the load capacity is lower compared with T-slot nuts DIN 508. These tempered removable nuts have the advantage that they can...
EN 635 Elesa® original design technopolymer plastic Ergostyle® single wing screws. The slightly concave mark on the end of the wing helps to position the fingers to apply the maximum force when...
DIN 6330 B Fixture nut has spherical end matching taper face of DIN
GS For certain minimum quantities GS knobs are available in various colors and with inserts in steel, brass or stainless steel. Heat resistance of nylon plastic:
GB/FP glass filled nylon plastic
GN 230 GN 230 tenon nuts are used for aligning and positioning of jigs and fixtures on machining tables with T-slots DIN 650.
GN 347 GN 347 hexagon nuts are capable of clamping slanting surfaces up to 3° without disturbing or twisting the clamped surface.
GN 508.1 GN 508.1 rhombus T-nuts can be inserted vertically into
GN 508.2 GN 508.1 slip proof T-nuts are dimensionally identical to DIN 508.
GN 583 GN 583 swivel lifting eye nuts offer a high load carrying capacity and are tested to meet high safety standards. The nominal values for load capacity in the table are...
GN 6330-NI GN 6330-NI stainless steel fixture nuts are used for applications where constant removal and re-installation is required m = 1.5 x d1). The spherical seating together with female washer DIN...
GN 6333 GN 6333 quick release hex nuts are used in applications where the nut needs to be moved quickly to the clamping position, and to be removed quickly after loosening. The...
WK Heat resistance of nylon plastic:
GN 444.2 In combination with set screws or double ended threaded studs (i.e. DIN 913 or DIN 6379), GN 444.2 eye nuts can be used as swing bolts in varying lengths. In...
No. 508F It always keeps the T-slot nut in a stable and ideal position for easy insertion of clamping studs and screws.
No. 6334 joining bolts DIN 787 and studs (DIN 6379). For functional and safety purposes, bolts and/or studs to be coupled should be screwed in on either side to half the length...
GN 99.6 Latest production techniques make these stainless steel clamp nuts an extremely good value.
KM Mainly utilized to secure bearings onto a shaft.
DIN 1804 Not hardened or ground
DIN 6331 Nut body: Turned and milled
GN 6303.1 Quick release knurled nuts GN 6303.1 are used in such applications where the nut has to be completely removed after the releasing operation and refitted very rapidly for re-clamping. The...
GN 99.8 revolutionized manufacturing process and material-saving design have resulted in a highly competitive version of the GN 99.7 in stainless steel.
No. 508R slot nuts can be drilled and tapped economically with non-standard threads. To heat treat to property class 10.9 i.e. HRC 21 - 28, heat material to 880 degrees C for...
STN T-nut body: Cold finished low carbon steel
DIN 508-NI T-slot nut body
No. 508L tempered to European material property class 10.9 grade
DIN 6307 The bar can be moved in any position and will be maintained by the spring. The end caps are pressed onto the bar and this limit the bar travel; they...
GN 536 The knurling design and lack of underside grooves of GN 536 knurled nuts makes them appropriate for hygienic applications.
GN 99.7 The latest production techniques make these parts extremely economical to use
GN 99.5 The latest production techniques make these parts extremely economical to use.
DIN 508 The maximum load capacity is allowed with the total thread reach of the nut.
GN 420-NI the partially protruding stainless steel insert prevents chipping of the plastic.
GN 420 the partially protruding steel insert prevents chipping of the plastic.
GN 506 they can be inserted at any point along the slot.
GN 543.1 Thin hex nuts GN 543.1 are utilized with fluid level sight
DIN 6305 Tommy nuts
KN Used primarily in the construction of jigs, fixtures and other special tooling.
GN 432 Where a greater torque is required GN 432 wing nuts are a better solution than knurled nuts.
GN 434 Where a greater torque is required GN 434 wing nuts are a better solution than knurled nuts.
GB Wing Nuts