REED-Direct Datasheets for Refractometers

Refractometers measure the critical angle of refraction through a sample. The critical angle of refraction will change with concentration.
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Product Name Notes
Refractometer -- MT-128 REFRACTOMETER, 0-28% SALINITY Useful for measuring the concentration of natural or artificial seawater in aquariums, holding tanks, and breeding ponds Can also be used for controlling the salt-water concentration when...
Refractometer -- MT-110ATC Range: 0 to 100 ppt Na; 1.000 to 1.070 Minor Divs.: 1.0 ppt; 0.001 Accuracy: ±1.0 ppt; ±0.001
Refractometer -- MT-010ATC
Refractometer -- MT-018
Refractometer -- MT-032
Refractometer -- MT-062
Refractometer -- MT-082
Refractometer -- MT-090
Brix% is calibrated to the number of grams of cane sugar contained in 100g of cane sugar solution When measuring a sugar solution, the Brix% should perfectly match the actual...
Battery Coolant Tester -- MT-777 Prevents engine trouble and possible radiator corrosion Simple to use; requires only a few drops to provide accurate readings within seconds SPECIFICATIONS: Ethylene Glycol Range: -50 to 32°F Propylene Glycol...