ProPhotonix, Ltd. Datasheets for Diode Lasers

Diode lasers use light-emitting diodes to produce stimulated emissions in the form of coherent light output. They are also known as laser diodes.
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Product Name Notes
Compact Laser Diode Module An economical range of compact, 8mm diameter, laser diode modules for integration into systems and handheld instrumentation where space is at a premium. Typical applications are targeting, industrial alignment such...
Thread Mount Laser Diode Modules An economically priced range of circular beam, threadmount laser diode modules for OEM use in applications where precision and reliability are important, such as industrial alignment and positioning. Wavelengths range...
Fibre Pigtailed Laser Diodes Fibre pigtailed laser diodes are suitable for OEM applications ranging from scientific equipment and optical instruments requiring a laser diode light source to visual fibre optic fault locators for communications...
Industrial Laser Diode Modules Industrial laser diode modules are designed to be a complete OEM laser solution for heavy duty industrial manufacturing processes such as micro-machining, marking, cutting, drilling, welding, forming, soldering and many...
Inviso™ Laser Diode Modules InViso™ is an innovative range of diode based laser modules designed to meet the demanding requirements of high thermal performance machine vision applications at wavelengths ranging from the UV to...
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-405-PLR15
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-405-PLR45
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-636-PLR09
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-638-PLR09
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-640-PLR09
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-656-PLR35
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-658-PLR35
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-660-PLR35
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-683-PLR45
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-685-PLR45
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-780.25-PLR80-T
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-783-PLR80
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-785-PLR80
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-787-PLR80
Ondax Laser Diodes -- TO-808-PLR170
ONDAX wavelength-stabilized diode lasers are a high performance, wavelength stabilized miniature laser in a standard TO package. The wavelength stabilization is achieved by optical feedback using the ONDAX Volume Holographic...
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63D4S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63D5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63F5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63F5S-A/-B/-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63G5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63H5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63J5S-A/-B/-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL63K4S-A/-B/-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D5S-A/-B /-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D5S-A/-B/-C-N
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65D7S-A/-B/-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65E7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65F5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65F6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65F7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65I7S-A/-B /-C-S
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65I7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65J7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65L6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL65O5S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL67D6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL67D7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL67F6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL67F7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL68F6S-A/-B/-C -LS
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL68G5SHF-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL68I6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL68J6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL78C6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL78E6SHG-Q
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL78F6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL78F6SDF-1
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL78I6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL80D6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL80R4S-A/-B/-C/-D/-E-Z3
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL80R4S-A/-B/-C/-D/-E-Z4
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL80S4H-A/-B/-C-Y
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL80T4H-A/-B/-C/-D/-E-Y
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL83H6S-A-/B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL83K6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL83O6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL85D6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL85F6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL85H6S-A/-B/-C
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL85J6S-A/-B/-C-L
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL86T4H-A/-B/-C/-D/-E
QSI Laser Diodes -- QL90F7S-A/-B/-C
QSI Company, Ltd., specializes in photonics semiconductor technology and its core component, the laser diode. With its rich, experienced engineering abilities and its high-tech production system that can process its...
Receptacle Packaged Laser Diodes Receptacle Packaged laser diodes are suitable for OEM applications ranging from scientific equipment and optical instruments requiring a laser diode light source to visual fibre optic fault locators for communications...
Alignment Laser Diode Modules The 300-0100-00 series 645nm alignment laser modules offers a range of interchangeable, pre-aligned precision optics: 88° cross, 58° line, 58° cross/spot, which provide optimum laser beam performance, as no user...
Green 532nm Laser Diode Modules The DPSS green laser module is a compact, self-contained laser module designed for use in industrial alignment, medical and scientific applications where a highly visible beam is required. It produces...
PhotonLaser Diode Modules The Photon laser module is a self-contained laser diode module designed as a complete OEM laser solution for industrial, medical and biomedical applications. Lasing wavelengths range from 635nm, 705nm to...
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD1332V
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD1333YT
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD301V-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD302V-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD322V-55
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD326YT-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD327YT-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD333V
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD334YT
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD335YT
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD343YT-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-1
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-2
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-21
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-24
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-25
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-3
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD344YT-52
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD431S
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD432S
Sony Laser Diodes -- SLD433S4
These are industrial laser diodes, energy efficient, stable and reliable, offering the highest quality and performance on the market. The Sony SLD 1332V is a powerful (500mW), high-brightness, red laser...
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL40023MG
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL45023TG
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL63133DG
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6319G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6320G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6321G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6322G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6323MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6354MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6355MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6358MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6359MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6360MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6361MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6362MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6363MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6364DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6365DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6366DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6367DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6376DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6378DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6385DG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6387TG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6388MG
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6396MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6397MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6398MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6501MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6544FM-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6545MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6548FG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6714G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6724MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6738MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6748MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6750MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL6756MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL7001MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL7002MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL7301MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL7302MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL7851G-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8337MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8338MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8340MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8341MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8342MG-A
Opnext Laser Diode -- HL8343MG-A
These industrial laser diodes are energy efficient, stable and reliable. They offer the highest quality and laser performance on the market. The HL40023MG is a high power 404nm, 500mW violet...
Alignment Modules 645nm The 300-0100-00 series 645nm alignment laser modules offers a range of interchangeable, pre-aligned precision optics: 88° cross, 58° line, 58° cross/spot, which provide optimum laser beam performance, as no user...