Tempco Electric Heater Corporation Datasheets for Thermocouple Temperature Probes

Thermocouple temperature probes are bimetallic probes that are used in various temperature-sensing applications. They consist of two wires, each of which is made of a different metallic element or alloy.
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Product Name Notes
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA1 Style MTA1 MI Cable TC Assembly Transition to Lead Wire
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA2 Style MTA2 MI Cable TC Assembly Plug or Jack Termination
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA3 Style MTA3 MI Cable TC Assembly Open Disc Termination
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA4 Style MTA4 MI Cable TC Assembly Stripped Cold End
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA5 Style MTA5 MI Cable TC Assembly Connection Head
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA6 Style MTA6 MI Cable TC Assembly Connection Head with 1/2" NPT Hex Nipple
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA7 Style MTA7 MI Cable TC Assembly Connection Head with 1/2"NPT Pipe Nipple
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA8 Style MTA8 MI Cable TC Assembly Connection Head wiht 1/2" NPT Nipple, Union, Nipple
MI Cable TC Assembly -- Style MTA9 Style MTA9 MI Cable TC Assembly Handheld Probe
Noble Metal Thermocouples -- Style TCN Style TCN Noble Metal Thermocouples
Magnet Thermocouples -- Style TMW Style TMW Magnet Thermocouples
Nozzle Thermocouples -- Style TNW Style TNW Nozzle Thermocouples
Pipe Clamp Thermocouples -- Style TPW Style TPW Pipe Clamp Thermocouples
Ring Lug Thermocouples -- Style TRW Style TRW Ring Lug Thermocouples
Shim Stock Thermocouples -- Style TSW Style TSW Shim Stock Thermocouples
Tube & Wire Thermocouples -- Style TTW Style TTW Tube & Wire Thermocouples
Wire Thermocouples -- Style TWW Style TWW Wire Thermocouples
OEM Replacement Thermocouples Direct Replacement Thermocouples Manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship Thermocouple wire is stranded (for flexibility) ANSI Type J thermocouple grade, with ANSI color-coded fiberglass insulation (White=Positive, Red=Negative) All...
Compression Fitting Thermocouples -- Style TCP Style 6—Rigid Straight Compression Fitting Thermocouple Style 7—Rigid 45° Bend Compression Fitting Thermocouple Style 8—Rigid 90° Bend Compression Fitting Thermocouple
Melt Bolt Thermocouples -- Style TMB Style A—Adjustable Tip Eliminates excess inventory. Tip can be field adjusted from flush to 2 inches. MgO insulated. Can be installed wherever standard melt thermocouples are in use. Bolt with...
Base Metal Thermocouples -- Style TCB Style D — Dual Element (Available in 14 ga. and 20 ga. only) Dual set of thermocouple wires with 4-hole round alumina insulators Style A — Angle Element Angle thermocouple...
Multipoint TC Assembly -- Series TCM These sensors are made-to-order to meet the requirements of the specific application. The styles depicted below are the most common constructions. Consult Tempco for other sizes and construction methods.
Adjustable Bayonet Thermocouples -- Style TCP Forms easily to any angle. One style can replace several fixed length thermocouples. Use with bayonet adapters Style 1 – Spring Adjustable Bayonet Thermocouple Insertion length adjustable from 1" to...