NBK America LLC Datasheets for Conical and Telescopic Screw Covers

Conical and telescopic screw covers are used to protect ball, acme and lead screws from contaminants.
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Product Name Notes
Cover Caps for Socket Head Cap Screws -- SCC Caps protect the hex socket of socket head cap screws from being clogged with foreign matter.
Cover Caps -- SCAP-AL
Cover Caps -- SCAP-CE
Combine SCAP Cover Cap and SNCPS Socket Head Cap Screw for Cover Cap. These caps prevent the corrosion of screw heads due to vacuum chamber processing gas and plasma. SCAP...
Cover Caps - PTFE (Teflon) -- SCAP-PT Combine SCAP-PT Cover Caps and SNCPS Socket Head Cap Screws for Cover Caps. The PTFE (Teflon) cover protects the screw head from corrosion caused by chemicals. PTFE is a plastic...
Cover Caps for Hex Head Screw -- SCH Cover caps cover heads of hex head screws and hex nuts to increase the safety of machines and instruments.