BRIM Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic shielding includes products and raw materials for shielding instruments and equipment from magnetic fields. 
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Product Name Notes
Shielded Braiding -- 1115 Series
Shielded Braiding -- 1116 Series
Flat tinned copper braid, per MIL SPEC. QQ-B-575F, A-A-59569A, 95% minimum shielding coverage. Conductors are annealed tinned copper. Suitable for EMI & RFI removal, grounding strap, bonds, leads and flexible...
Shielded Braiding -- 1150 Series STAINLESS STEEL TUBULAR shielded braid manufactured with type 304 soft drawn Stainless Steel. Used where higher temperatures &/or greater mechanical strength is needed. STD. P-U: 100 ft.
Shielded Braiding -- 1100 Series
Shielded Braiding -- 1101 Series
TINNED COPPER TUBULAR shielded braiding, round, per MIL Spec. QQ-B-575R, A-A-59569A. Shielding coverage of 95% min. Used in military or critical commercial applications where maximum shielding coverage is required against...
Shielded Braiding -- 1110 Series TlNNED COPPER conductors braided then rolled flat. Conductors are annealed for flexibility. Used as grounding cable, bonding strap for aircraft, marine equipment vehicles, etc. to eliminate ignition interference. Easily slides...