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BRIM Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Electrical Test Probes

Electric test probes are used to establish a connection between a circuit under test and the measuring instrument.
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Product Name Notes
MATERIAL: Brass nickel plated tips, molded plastic handles. Fits all standard phone tip jacks. Solderless connection. Wire fits through body of handle & tip and fastens between the threaded collar...
MATERIAL: Phone tips are Nickel plated. Spring loaded button to hold wire. Molded plastic body. Rated for 12 AMPS AC. Rivet assembly. Tips fit all standard phone tip jacks. Std.
Nickel plated brass needlepoint or solderless test prod tips and knurled nuts, molded plastic handles. Needlepoint--chuck removable for replacement of broken needles. Sharp needle pierces corrosion or conductor insulation for...