Clark Solutions Datasheets for Hygrometers and Humidity Measurement Instruments

Hygrometers and humidity measurement instruments test for absolute humidity, relative humidity, or dew point in air.
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Product Name Notes
Dew Point Detector -- FH A946 - 1
Dew Point Transmitter -- MT 6716DT1
Dew Point Transmitter w/Ice Formation -- MT 6716DT2
Moisture Sensor -- FH A636 MF
Moisture Sensor -- FH A696 MF
Humidity sensor for determination of moisture in mineral building materials, wood, paper and card boards.
Capacitive Humidity Sensor -- FH A636 - HR1
Capacitive Humidity Sensor -- FH A636 - HR2
Capacitive Humidity Sensor -- FH A646 - R
Capacitive Humidity Sensor -- FHA646-E1
Capacitive Humidity Sensor -- FHA646-E1C
The FHA-Series humidity sensors work with ALMEMO® series indicators and data loggers to provide accurate measurement of relative humidity, temperature, dew point, mixture ratio, enthalpy, and partial vapor pressure.
Psychrometer -- FNA-Series Humidity Sensor
Psychrometric Humidity Sensor -- FH A846
The time-tested psychrometric method is employed in state-of-the-art fashion with the FNA-Series psychrometric humidity sensors. A pair of matched precision thermistors, one for air temp. and one for evaporative temp.,...