Opto 22 Datasheets for Fuses

Fuses protect electrical devices and components from overcurrents and short circuits that occur in improperly operating circuits.
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Product Name Notes
1-amp Fuse G1 Digital Logic Power
1-amp Fuse G4 Digital Rack Logic Power, Brick Regulator
1/8-amp Fuse, Analog I/O Channel
4-amp fuse for G4 digital modules
5-amp Fuse For Standard Digital Output Modules
The SNAP-FUSE1AB is a pack of 25 1-amp fuses for use with SNAP racks and power supplies.
The SNAP-FUSE1AC is a blade-type replacement fuse for high-density digital breakout racks, including the SNAP-IDC-HDB and the SNAP-ODC-HDB.
The SNAP-FUSE2AB is a pack of 25 2-amp fast-acting fuses for use with SNAP-PS5-24DC power supplies.
The SNAP-FUSE4AB is a pack of 25 4-amp fuses for use with SNAP racks and power supplies.
This 7.5 amp fuse is used in SNAP M-series racks, such as the SNAP-M64. There are 25 fuses in the package. This item is equivalent to Littelfuse part number 297...