Qorvo Datasheets for SAW Filters

SAW filters are electronic filters that are designed and manufactured using surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology. SAW uses piezoelectric transducers that, when excited, produce waves that are used to filter frequencies.
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Product Name Notes
140 MHz IF SAW Filter - High Selectivity
140 MHz IF SAW Filter - Standard Low Loss
170.6 MHz IF SAW Filter - GSM, EDGE
172.8 MHz IF SAW Filter - Multi-Standard
374 MHz SAW Filter - Wireless Data
464 MHz SAW Filter
520 MHz SAW Filter
70 MHz IF SAW Filter - Low Loss
756 MHz SAW Filter
Qorvo's 856727 is a high rejection Intermediate Frequency (IF) filter for use in very wideband wireless communications systems. The center frequency of this filter is 144 MHz and the bandwidth...
Qorvo's 857124 is a high-performance IF SAW filter specifically designed for the demanding requirements of 4G wireless infrastructure systems. Designed for versatile drive configurations, this filter is optimized for a...