Sensata Technologies Datasheets for AC Motor Starters

AC motor starters are used to turn-on and turn-off electric motors and motor-controlled equipment. They use solid-state or electromechanical technologies, and are designed for single-phase or three-phase motors.
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Product Name Notes
The 4CR current type motor starting relay is a compact, high capacity relay, designed for universal application to splitphase and capacitor start, single-phase motors with start-winding currents up to 25...
The Sensata SP Refrigeration Package is a compact motor starter and motor protector package. The SP serves as a combination control which: 1. Uses industry leading 4TM motor protector 2.
The Sensata Technologies 8EA motor starter, a low-cost alternative to electro-mechanical relays, performs the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) solid-state starter function. The 8EA is suitable for compressors used in refrigerators,...