Sensata Technologies Datasheets for Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings connect rotating members while allowing some degree of angular or parallel misalignment.
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Product Name Notes
Coupling Secured Bellows 9403/XX-YY -- 9403/XX-YY A flexible metallic bellows is securely attached to two hubs to connect to the mating shafts. This is one of the torsionally stiffest coupling types. Order separately.
Coupling Triple Beam 39074-XX-YY -- 39074-XX-YY Flexible coupling used to connect the LP shaft to a mating shaft. Transmits torque efficiently while accommodating misalignment. Order separately.
Coupling Spring Disc 9400/XX-YY -- 9400/XX-YY Flexible discs coupled to mounting hubs connects the LP shaft to a mating shaft. Especially good at accommodating parallel misalignment. Order separately.